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Picture of The Stray
The Stray
Harrogate, England
Green belt curving around the town center, with over 200 acres of lawns used either for sports, picnics, special events or relaxation.
Picture of Portsmouth Square
Portsmouth Square
San Francisco, CA, USA
San Francisco's Chinese community has taken this western-designed square and adapted it for its own uses.
Picture of Mission Dolores Park
Mission Dolores Park
San Francisco, CA, USA
A public park known for its views
Picture of People's Park
People's Park
Copenhagen, Denmark
A simple and authentic park that has grown organically as new activities and amenities were requested by the park's users.
Picture of Alphabet City Community Gardens
Alphabet City Community Gardens
New York City, NY, USA
A series of beautiful communmity gardens that dot Alphabet City.
Picture of Senate Square
Senate Square
Helsinki, Finland
Square, and a staircase adjacent to it
Picture of Kaivopuisto
Helsinki, Finland
One of Helsinki's most well known parks features a walkway around the shore of the Baltic Sea and hosts many popular festivals and events.
Picture of Rynek Glowny, Wroclaw
Rynek Glowny, Wroclaw
Wroclaw, Poland
The historical square of the city of Wroclaw.
Picture of Brighton Seafront and Pier
Brighton Seafront and Pier
Brighton, UK
A seafront promenade and Victorian amusement pier in Britain's most exciting city by the sea.
Picture of Al-Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park
Cairo, Egypt
A new hilltop park in the midst of one of Cairo’s most interesting neighborhoods.
Picture of Alameda Central
Alameda Central
Mexico City, Mexico
A place where people can relax and enjoy the energy of Mexico City without being overwhelmed by it.
Picture of East Village, Tompkins Square Park
East Village, Tompkins Square Park
New York, NY, USA
Tompkins Square Park is an impromptu stage and meeting ground for the entire eclectic East Village.
Picture of Square St. Louis
Square St. Louis
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The closest thing to a European neighborhood square you'll find this side of the Atlantic.
Picture of Campus Martius
Campus Martius
Detroit, MI, USA
This new civic square has brought life back downtown Detroit.
Picture of Old Town Square
Old Town Square
Praque, Czech Republic
A small town square that can cater to a number of distinct groups at the same time.
Picture of Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona
Rome, Italy
Piazza Navona has all the qualities that a great square should have.
Picture of Plaza de Entrevero
Plaza de Entrevero
Montevideo, Uruguay
A more modern zocalo that supports old and new uses in a less formal design.
Picture of Östermalmstorg
Stockholm, Sweden
A special neighborhood square with a market and independent restaurants.
Picture of Esplanade Park
Esplanade Park
Helsinki, Finland
A boulevard-like park in the city centre.
Picture of Dubrovnik Old City Squares
Dubrovnik Old City Squares
Dubrovnik, Croatia
A historical UNESCO protected old town of Dubrovnik with beautiful public space - squares.
Picture of Quintana Square
Quintana Square
Santiago, Spain
A public square surrounded by beautiful old buildings.
Picture of Largo Glênio Peres
Largo Glênio Peres
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Located by the City Hall and Public Market of Porto Alegre, this plaza is host to many cultural and political events.
Picture of Jardin Juarez and Market Hall
Jardin Juarez and Market Hall
Juchitan, Mexico
A market and zócalo where women run the show.
Picture of Stanley Park
Stanley Park
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A unique urban forest in the middle of Vancouver.
Picture of Rheinuferpromenade (River Rhine Promenade)
Rheinuferpromenade (River Rhine Promenade)
Duesseldorf, Germany
Public promenade/ esplanade with square
Picture of The Gallivan Center
The Gallivan Center
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
A public plaza in the downtown Central Business District.
Picture of Grand Place (De Grote Markt)
Grand Place (De Grote Markt)
Brussels, Belgium
It's the best single place to get a feeling of 'Old Europe.'
Picture of Trg Bana Jelacica
Trg Bana Jelacica
Zagreb, Croatia
This vibrant square, adjacent to the wonderful Dolac Market, is the center of action in Croatia's greatly underrated capital city.
Picture of The Ridge
The Ridge
Shimla, Himachael Pradesh, India
A beautiful central square overlooking the city and looking out on the Himalayas.
Picture of Plaza Julio Cortazar
Plaza Julio Cortazar
Buenos Aires, Argentina
A square surrounded by cafes and art galleries in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world.
Picture of Ortaköy Square
Ortaköy Square
Istanbul, Turkey
A small waterfront square on the Bosphorus recently rehabilitated with numerous cafés, restaurants, art galleries and artisan shops.
Picture of Tivoli
Copenhagen, Denmark
The never equaled ancestor of all theme parks, it has been a source of pleasure to happy visitors since 1843.
Picture of Greenmarket Square
Greenmarket Square
Cape Town, South Africa
A cobblestone square in the center of Cape Town where browsers comb through displays of traditional African crafts, curios and clothes.
Picture of Dupont Circle
Dupont Circle
Washington, DC, USA
The center of this historic neighborhood is the fountain and park in the middle of a traffic circle.
Picture of Tamansari Water Castle
Tamansari Water Castle
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
A water garden that was built in 1758 and remains a dynamic and traditional neighborhood.
Picture of Plaza Hidalgo
Plaza Hidalgo
Mexico City, Mexico
Plaza Hidalgo is the heart of the pleasant bohemian suburb of Coyoacan, outside of Mexico City.
Picture of Abenteuerspielplatz “Kolle 37”
Abenteuerspielplatz “Kolle 37”
Berlin, Germany
A park and adventure playground where kids can do everything from build a tree house to learn to cook.
Picture of Plaza de Armas
Plaza de Armas
Cuzco, Peru
Plaza de Armas is the center of the Historic section in Cuzco.
Picture of Rynek Glowny  - Main Square
Rynek Glowny - Main Square
Krakow, Poland
This is the main open public square of downtown Krakow.
Picture of City Park
City Park
New Orleans, LA, USA
A large city park with activities ranging from weddings to paddle boats to an art museum.
Picture of Wave Hill
Wave Hill
Bronx, NY, USA
Wave Hill is a public garden and cultural center.
Picture of Fort Greene Park
Fort Greene Park
Brooklyn, NY, USA
It is a grand park with a central monument.
Picture of Pier 39
Pier 39
San Francisco, CA, USA
A festival marketplace on the bay.
Picture of Independence Plaza
Independence Plaza
Quito, Ecuador
Independence Plaza is a two acre square in the center of Quito. The plaza is surrounded by Ecuador’s Presidential Palace and main government buildings.
Picture of Imam Square
Imam Square
Isfahan, Iran
The most beautiful, breathtaking public square in the world.
Picture of La Plaza Mayor
La Plaza Mayor
Salamanca, Spain
A beloved public square that is bustling with life at almost every hour of the day and night.
Picture of St. James's Park
St. James's Park
London, United Kingdom
This wonderful park is a spiritual place, and far and away the best park in the heart of London.
Picture of Battersea Park
Battersea Park
London, United Kingdom
This wonderful neighborhood park provides a good model for success.
Picture of Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
Rome, Italy
An outdoor piazza that serves as a market for vendors by day and a gathering place for all at night.
Picture of Parc de la Ciutadella
Parc de la Ciutadella
Barcelona, Spain
A shady 75-acre park near the old city, laid out in 1873 with flowerbeds, fountains, a lake and waterfalls.
Picture of Allegheny Riverfront Park
Allegheny Riverfront Park
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Two active park promenades running alongside the Allegheny River, one upland, the other at river level.
Picture of Squares of Savannah
Squares of Savannah
Savannah, GA, USA
These 22 legendary, 18th and 19th century public squares were designed to be - and still are - an integral part of downtown Savannah.
Picture of Travis Elementary School Dinosaur Park
Travis Elementary School Dinosaur Park
Houston, TX, USA
Urban school playground and neighborhood park.
Picture of Little Turtle Waterway
Little Turtle Waterway
Logansport, IN, USA
A downtown riverbank park that links into a planned trail system and provides direct access to the water.
Picture of Days Park
Days Park
Buffalo, NY, USA
A historic urban gem restored by the efforts of local neighborhood.
Picture of City Heights Urban Village
City Heights Urban Village
San Diego, CA, USA
City Heights Urban Village is located in the mid-city section of San Diego, the seventh largest city in the nation.
Picture of Hull Park and Grand Traverse Children's Garden and Learning Garden
Hull Park and Grand Traverse Children's Garden and Learning Garden
Traverse City, MI, USA
A small community waterfront park and children's garden on Boardman Lake located next to the Traverse Area District Library.
Picture of The Village of Arts and Humanities
The Village of Arts and Humanities
North Philadelphia, PA, USA
This is a beautiful, inspirational place; mosaic sculptures in parks, vegetable gardens for children, murals of angels watching over the community.
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Breckenridge City Park
Breckenridge, TX, USA
A City Park with rolling hills, playgrounds, and an aquatic center.
Picture of Duluth Town Green
Duluth Town Green
Duluth, GA, USA
A cascading series of green terraces that terminate in front of a Victorian style performance stage and community center.
Picture of Mt. Tabor Park
Mt. Tabor Park
Portland, OR, USA
This city park is constructed around Portland's municipal reservoirs.
Picture of Harlem Meer
Harlem Meer
New York City, NY, USA
An 11-acre lake surrounded by a rugged landscape of woodlands and dramatic rock outcroppings.
Picture of The Great Lawn
The Great Lawn
New York, NY, USA
A sweeping, grassy expanse in the middle of Olmsted and Vaux's masterpiece.
Picture of Central Park Sailboat Pond
Central Park Sailboat Pond
New York, NY, USA
An outstanding water feature, and one of the main attractions in Central Park.
Picture of Bethesda Terrace
Bethesda Terrace
New York, NY, USA
A formal terrace surrounded by diverse and picturesque natural scenery--the heart of Central Park.
Picture of Battery Park City Esplanade
Battery Park City Esplanade
New York City, NY, USA
The Esplanade runs along the Hudson River for the entire length of Battery Park City and is lined with parks, gardens, and marinas - a pedestrian paradise.
Picture of High Park Children's Garden
High Park Children's Garden
Toronto, ON, Canada
An organic children's garden that is the focus of local community pride.
Picture of Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park
Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park
Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park is a green oasis in the middle of an industrial neighborhood.
Picture of Anderson River Park
Anderson River Park
Anderson, CA, USA
A community park along the Sacramento River in the City of Anderson.
Picture of Hastings Park
Hastings Park
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A multi-use public park featuring both greenspaces and people places, arising from dilapidated fairgrounds, and providing a new community focus for surrounding residential neighbourhoods.
Picture of Federation Square
Federation Square
Melbourne, Australia
Federation Square is a creative mix of attractions and public open spaces in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.
Picture of Rembrandtplein
Amsterdam, Netherlands
An urban entertainment center and central square bustling with street performers, outdoor cafes, bars and clubs.
Picture of Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Perched above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, this 1/3-mile long walkway provides a fantastic place to stroll and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.
Picture of Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps
Rome, Italy
These broad steps connect the Spanish Square with the Church of the Trinita dei Monti and offer an excellent view of the city.
Picture of Market Square - Knoxville
Market Square - Knoxville
Knoxville, TN, USA
A historic pedestrian square in downtown Knoxville.
Picture of Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Sanliurfa, Turkey
An expanse of mosques, rose gardens, pools of sacred carp, tea gardens, and people.
Picture of Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway
Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway
Minneapolis, MN, USA
A 50-mile urban scenic byway that stretches alongside lakes, the Mississippi River, the Minnehaha Creek, parks, wetlands, and gardens.
Picture of Campo Santa Margherita
Campo Santa Margherita
Venice, Italy
A busy Italian courtyard surrounded by cafes, bars, shops, and a public market in buildings dating to the 14th century.
Picture of Asafra Beach
Asafra Beach
Alexandria, Egypt
Egyptians say "Alexandria is Asafra": the beach that runs parallel to the city's main street.
Picture of Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY, USA
The world's largest privately owned building complex is also a prominent cultural, business, and tourist attraction in Midtown.
Picture of Circle of Palms
Circle of Palms
San Jose, CA, USA
Sweeping plaza between art museum, first-class hotel, and Class A office tower.
Picture of Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Merida, Mexico
A public square in the heart of Merida.
Picture of Rittenhouse Square Park
Rittenhouse Square Park
Philadelphia, PA, USA
A gorgeous Center City landmark surrounded by a commercial and residential district.
Picture of Downtown Squares
Downtown Squares
Savannah, GA, USA
A continuous park system running through the center of downtown Savannah.
Picture of Harborpark
Kenosha, WI, USA
Redeveloped industrial space on the Kenosha Harbor now housing a park and open space, a public museum, residential housing, and a marina, with plans to build a commercial district.
Picture of The Serpentine
The Serpentine
London, United Kingdom
Small lake within Hyde Park
Picture of Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath
London, United kingdom
Urban park between Highgate and Hamstead, the Heath contains the highest point in London, Parliament Hill.
Picture of Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont
Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont
Paris, France
A verdant park built upon the hillside, with meandering paths, and grottos, a lake, cascading water fall with a suspension bridge and the famous "pont des suicides."
Picture of Palais Royal
Palais Royal
Paris, France
The gardens, located in the heart of Paris, are a jewel of diverse public activity with shopping, cafes and people watching.
Picture of Hotel de Ville (City Hall)
Hotel de Ville (City Hall)
Paris, France
A plaza that has remained the center of Parisian government since the fourteenth century is the civic square of Paris.
Picture of Forest Park
Forest Park
St. Louis, MO, USA
A glorious and beautiful urban park.
Picture of Central Park (Broken Arrow, OK)
Central Park (Broken Arrow, OK)
Broken Arrow, OK, USA
This park is the heart of its once-rural community.
Picture of Parc de Vallparadís
Parc de Vallparadís
Terrassa, Spain
Gardens, steam trains, centennial trees and a great lake are some of the more interesting aspects.
Picture of Jardin des Tuileries
Jardin des Tuileries
Paris, France
Tuileries Palace encloses the western end of the Louvre and the formal seventeenth century gardens that make up the central-most park in Paris, stretching from the Louvre to the Place de Concorde, and bordered by the Seine.
Picture of Stadtgarten
Freiburg, Germany
Stadtgarten (city-park) is a peaceful park that borders the old city of Freiburg and is at the foot of the Black Forest.
Picture of New Haven Green
New Haven Green
New Haven, CT, USA
A 17th century town green, cited by numerous historical organizations as one of the most beautiful public greens in the country.
Picture of Jardin des Plantes
Jardin des Plantes
Paris, France
A park with rose gardens and a greenhouse.
Picture of Amphitheater-Park-Marina
Dillon, CO, USA
The public areas of this small mountain resort town provide activities year round, in a breathtaking setting.
Picture of GreenAcre Park
GreenAcre Park
New York, NY, USA
One of New York City's famed "vest pocket-parks," providing an emerald-green sanctuary for east-side residents and workers.
Picture of Prospect Park Audubon Center
Prospect Park Audubon Center
Brooklyn, NY, USA
The nation's first urban Audubon Center, located in a landmarked building in Olmsted and Vaux's Prospect Park.
Picture of Yerba Buena Esplanade
Yerba Buena Esplanade
San Francisco, CA, USA
This urban park acts as a connector between SFMOMA and Moscone Convention facility and Yerba Buena Center for Arts
Picture of Maymont Park
Maymont Park
Richmond, VA, USA
A 100-acre former Victorian estate with an opulent mansion, gardens, beautiful landscapes and outbuildings, a Nature Center, Native Virginia Wildlife Exhibits, a Children´s Farm and a Carriage Collection
Picture of Green Dome - A Volunteers Garden
Green Dome - A Volunteers Garden
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Flower garden and 'quiet zone' created by local volunteers for the Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities.
Picture of Paley Park
Paley Park
New York, NY, USA
Located within Midtown's cultural district and surrounded by high-rises, this celebrated "vest-pocket" park is a welcome respite from the sights and sounds of urban living.
Picture of Belle Isle Park
Belle Isle Park
Detroit, MI, USA
Detroit's foremost park, designed by Olmsted, is actually a series of individual islands connected by lovely bridges.
Picture of Plaza de Armas and Mercado Central
Plaza de Armas and Mercado Central
Santiago, Chile
Central Plaza and a Central Market
Picture of Mount Royal Park
Mount Royal Park
Montreal, QC, Canada
This urban park is located smack in the middle of Montreal on 545 hilly acres.
Picture of Crissy Field
Crissy Field
San Francisco, CA, USA
Waterfront promenade along the San Fransisco Bay
Picture of Centennial Park, Sydney
Centennial Park, Sydney
Sydney, Australia
The "Central Park" of Sydney.
Picture of Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Bike Trail
Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Bike Trail
Arlington, VA, USA
A 45-mile trail connecting many towns, cities and counties in Northern Virginia
Picture of Piazza del Campidoglio
Piazza del Campidoglio
Rome, Italy
This intimate space overlooking the Forum is one of the world's premier public squares.
Picture of Piazza del Campo
Piazza del Campo
Siena, Tuscany, Italy
An open plaza located at the physical and cultural heart of the city. Its red-brick fan shaped paths radiate out from the facade of the Palazzo Pubblico.
Picture of Vondelpark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
A quiet graceful space where Amsterdammers of all ages enjoy being outside.
Picture of The Forks
The Forks
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This former industrial area has been redeveloped to promote outdoor activity both summer and winter - important in a northern city like Winnipeg.
Picture of Tower Grove Park
Tower Grove Park
St. Louis, MO, USA
One of three U.S. parks (along with New York's Central Park and Boston Common) listed as a National Historic Landmark.
Picture of Scottsdale Ranch Park
Scottsdale Ranch Park
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Scottsdale Ranch Park is a City of Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Facility.
Picture of Jackson Square
Jackson Square
New Orleans, LA, USA
This lively and heavily trafficked park in the French Quarter is a popular site for artists, street performers and musicians who entertain tourists and locals.
Picture of Rathaus Park - City Hall Park
Rathaus Park - City Hall Park
Vienna, Austria
A renowned Christmas Market and loads of other events year-round keep this park and central square one of the busiest spots in Vienna.
Picture of Chattanooga/ Hamilton County Tennessee River Walk
Chattanooga/ Hamilton County Tennessee River Walk
Chattanooga, TN, USA
Park for public access to the river for walking, blading and biking.
Picture of Albert Park
Albert Park
San Rafael, CA, USA
Six outdoor bocce courts, surrounded by cafe tables, planting beds, and a food kiosk, helped make this 11-acre park a thriving community place.
Picture of Balboa Park
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA, USA
With a host of cultural institutions laid out among its 1,200 lushly planted acres, Balboa Park is known as the "cultural heart" of San Diego.
Picture of Boston Common & Public Gardens
Boston Common & Public Gardens
Boston, MA, USA
Dating back to 1634, the Common and Public Gardens provide 75 acres of green space in the heart of Boston's densely packed downtown core.
Picture of Bridge of Flowers
Bridge of Flowers
Shelburne Falls, MA, USA
A 400-foot, park-like bridge over the Deerfield River, displaying flowers and plantings from April through October.
Picture of Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A former ash dump that is now at the forefront of horticultural display and urban gardening, drawing some 750,000 visitors annually.
Picture of Bryant Park
Bryant Park
New York, NY, USA
The eight acres of this elegant, welcoming park are built on top of the stacks of the New York Public Library next door.
Picture of Burke-Gilman Trail
Burke-Gilman Trail
Seattle, WA, USA
A multi-use, approximately 25-mile trail bisecting the University of Washington campus, drawing over 750,000 users a year.
Picture of Central Park
Central Park
New York, NY, USA
Olmsted & Vaux's design for Manhattan's largest park became the standard-bearer for parks across the U.S.
Picture of Chicago Lakefront Path
Chicago Lakefront Path
Chicago, IL, USA
An 18-1/2-mile linear park along Lake Michigan that includes beaches, volleyball courts, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and soccer fields.
Picture of Circular Quay
Circular Quay
Sydney, Australia
In many ways, Circular Quay is the "heart of Sydney," and its success is due to the essential role it plays in the city's daily life.
Picture of Downtown Park
Downtown Park
Southern Pines, NC, USA
As its name indicates, this city-block-size park is located in the heart of Southern Pines.
Picture of Dufferin Grove Park
Dufferin Grove Park
Toronto, ON, Canada
In this "community centre without a roof," a community-run brick oven has helped bring life back to the park - and attracted attention from around the globe.
Picture of El Sitio Feliz
El Sitio Feliz
New York, NY, USA
Community garden and playground situated behind Harlem's Union Settlement House.
Picture of Fairmount Park
Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Fairmount Park's 9,200 acres are broken up into five distinct areas: Cobbs Creek, Franklin D. Roosevelt, West Fairmount, East Fairmount, Pennypack, Wissahickon Valley, and Tacony Creek.
Picture of Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA, USA
The fourth-oldest major urban park in the U.S. gets more than 12 million visits each year.
Picture of Goodale Park
Goodale Park
Columbus, OH, USA
This 35-acre park, the oldest park in Columbus and among the oldest in the U.S., is a favorite spot for locals.
Picture of Granville Island
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Salvaged from the husks of old factories and infused with a spirit all its own, the district offers up a wonderfully imaginative stew of markets, play areas, cultural activities, and stunning waterfronts.
Picture of Hermann Park
Hermann Park
Houston, TX, USA
One of this flagship park's main attractions, the Hermann Park Golf Course was the first public course in America to welcome all races.
Picture of Hua Mei Bird Garden
Hua Mei Bird Garden
New York, NY, USA
Community garden that hosts daily, early-morning gatherings of Chinese men who bring beautiful songbirds in fancy bamboo cages.
Picture of Kungstradgarden
Stockholm, Sweden
The 400m x 100m "King's Garden" is variously described as a park, town square, amusement park, and botanical garden.
Picture of Liz Christy Garden
Liz Christy Garden
New York, NY, USA
The oldest community garden in NYC has rare plants and a wonderful pond cared for by Laura Braddock, featuring fish and 9 red-eared turtles.
Picture of Luxembourg Gardens
Luxembourg Gardens
Paris, France
A 60-acre park known for its extraordinary public amenities, including fountains, sculpture, ponds, flowerbeds, tennis courts, pony rides, a marionette theatre, playgrounds, food kiosks and open-air cafes.
Picture of Main Beach Park and Heisler Park
Main Beach Park and Heisler Park
Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Laguna Beach's two-acre waterfront park is linked to Heisler Park, a two-mile greenway that runs along the bluffs of the coastline.
Picture of Minuteman Bikeway
Minuteman Bikeway
Boston suburbs, MA, USA
10 mile, multi-use asphalt trail used for recreation and commuting, converted in 1993 from a railroad track.
Picture of Murphy Park
Murphy Park
Glendale, AZ, USA
Located in downtown Glendale, Murphy Park serves as a town square, public-gathering space, festival site and landmark.
Picture of Parc Guell
Parc Guell
Barcelona, Spain
A sprawling complex of towers, galleries, pavilions and decorative landscaping on a hill overlooking Barcelona. One of Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces.
Picture of Pegram Park
Pegram Park
Pegram, TN, USA
In a region with little public funding for parks, a local friends' group has been instrumental in making this park the heart of its small town.
Picture of Pinellas Trail
Pinellas Trail
Largo, FL, USA
A 34-mile rail-to-trail greenway that attracts residents and tourists alike.
Picture of Pioneer Courthouse Square
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland, OR, USA
Located in the heart of downtown, "Portland's living room" has a prominent civic role as a place for public enjoyment.
Picture of Place Des Vosges
Place Des Vosges
Paris, France
Outdoor square bordered by 39 red brick buildings with ground-level arcades.
Picture of Plaza de la Constitucion de Oaxaca (Zocalo)
Plaza de la Constitucion de Oaxaca (Zocalo)
Oaxaca City, Mexico
The zocalo has been the heart of Oaxaca for nearly 500 years, since it was laid out by Juan Pelaez de Berrio and Alonso Garcia Bra
Picture of Post Office Square
Post Office Square
Boston, MA, USA
1.7-acre park atop an underground parking garage.
Picture of Prospect Park
Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux considered this 526-acre park, completed in 1877, to be their masterpiece.
Picture of Riverside Park - 96th St. Tennis Courts
Riverside Park - 96th St. Tennis Courts
New York, NY, USA
10 well-kept red clay tennis courts surrounded by wonderful gardens, located at the edge of the majestic Hudson River.
Picture of Riverside Skate Park
Riverside Skate Park
New York, NY, USA
A mecca for skateboarders and in-line skaters from the New York metropolitan area, designed and constructed by teenagers.
Picture of River Walk
River Walk
San Antonio, TX, USA
Pedestrian esplanade first constructed as a WPA project between 1939 and 1941, running along 2-1/2 miles of the San Antonio River.
Picture of Riverwalk & Waterplace Park
Riverwalk & Waterplace Park
Providence, RI, USA
Once covered by the "world's widest bridge," the Providence River downtown is now enlivened by year-round public art and cultural events - including the famed WaterFire installation.
Picture of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
Although it's primarily a scientific research institution, this 72-acre complex is the second most popular attraction in Scotland, after Edinburgh Castle.
Picture of South Platte River Greenway
South Platte River Greenway
Denver, CO, USA
30 miles of trails, parks, boat launches, and other attractions along the river once famously called "too thick to drink, too thin to plow."
Picture of Union Square Park and Greenmarket
Union Square Park and Greenmarket
New York, NY, USA
Three-square-block urban park that hosts a year-round, open-air farmers market four times a week.
Picture of Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Washington, DC, USA
This place introduced people to new ways of thinking about memorials; considered radical when it was built in 1982, it has proven to be powerful and accessible: millions visit every year.
Picture of Washington Square Park, NYC
Washington Square Park, NYC
New York, NY, USA
Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, this historic park is characterized by its large, central fountain, proximity to New York University and triumphal stone arch.
Picture of Washington Square, San Francisco
Washington Square, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, USA
A green oasis in the tight grid of one of the most densely populated parts of San Francisco.
Picture of West Orange Trail
West Orange Trail
West Orange County, FL, USA
A railroad line converted into a paved, 20-mile long trail connecting downtown areas of Oakland, Winter Garden, Ocoee and Apopka.