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Picture of East Village, Tompkins Square Park
East Village, Tompkins Square Park
New York, NY, USA
Tompkins Square Park is an impromptu stage and meeting ground for the entire eclectic East Village.
Picture of Nyhavn
Copenhagen, Denmark
An intimate and beautiful canal makes visitors feel like they are a part of Scandinavian culture.
Picture of StrÝget District
StrÝget District
Copenhagen, Denmark
This network of streets in Copehagen is a pedestrian paradise.
Picture of Kensington Market
Kensington Market
Toronto, ON, Canada
Kensington is infamous in Toronto for its year-round vendors selling everything from fresh fish to chilies.
Picture of The Plateau
The Plateau
Montreal, QC, Canada
A quaint working-class quarter transformed into the artistic and cultural hotbed of Quebec.
Picture of Muslim Quarter
Muslim Quarter
Kunming, China
One of the many threatened Muslim districts throughout China, this corridor is the cultural and economic crossroads of the city.
Picture of French Quarter
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA, USA
Colonial Spanish architecture, great New Orleans food and jazz, plus the highest concentration of colorful characters in the whole USA.
Picture of Arts Centre
Arts Centre
Christchurch, New Zealand
An arts district rich in Gothic architecture featuring theatres, cinemas, galleries, crafts shops, cafes and weekend markets.
Picture of Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo
Taos, NM, USA
A high-rise adobe town thatís been home to Native Americans since at least the 1500s.
Picture of Gouda Historic Center
Gouda Historic Center
Gouda, Netherlands
A charming beyond-belief pedestrian district of squares, canals, bridges, guild houses, and small shops.
Picture of Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholmís charming old town has some streets that are so narrow, some broad-shouldered people need to walk sideways.
Picture of Park Slope, Brooklyn
Park Slope, Brooklyn
New York City, NY, USA
This neighborhood offers endless community events and attractions.
Picture of Lower Garden District
Lower Garden District
New Orleans, LA, USA
Neighborhood with an extensive collection of 19th-century residential and commercial buildings, many pre-dating the Civil War.
Picture of Ponce Center City
Ponce Center City
Ponce, PR, USA
The historic district of Ponce is a pleasant walk into a graceful past.
Picture of Adams Morgan
Adams Morgan
Washington, DC, USA
Not the typical neighborhood that you would expect to find in Washington, DC.
Picture of Dupont Circle
Dupont Circle
Washington, DC, USA
The center of this historic neighborhood is the fountain and park in the middle of a traffic circle.
Picture of Miraflores District
Miraflores District
Lima, Peru
A nice combination of natural setting, history and modern development in the South American Pacific coast.
Picture of Tamansari Water Castle
Tamansari Water Castle
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
A water garden that was built in 1758 and remains a dynamic and traditional neighborhood.
Picture of Camden Town
Camden Town
London, England
A mix of markets, coffee shops, pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and so much more.
Picture of Psirri
Athens, Greece
This is a neighborhood within the old part of the city of Athens in Greece.
Picture of Pearl District
Pearl District
Portland, OR, USA
New Urban Neighborhood incorporating many New Urbanist ideas.
Picture of Seven Dials, Nealís Yard
Seven Dials, Nealís Yard
London, United Kingdom
A comfortable neighborhood that shows a kinder, gentler side of London that you didnít think existed.
Picture of Squares of Savannah
Squares of Savannah
Savannah, GA, USA
These 22 legendary, 18th and 19th century public squares were designed to be - and still are - an integral part of downtown Savannah.
Picture of City Heights Urban Village
City Heights Urban Village
San Diego, CA, USA
City Heights Urban Village is located in the mid-city section of San Diego, the seventh largest city in the nation.
Picture of Old Town Alexandria / Market Square
Old Town Alexandria / Market Square
Alexandria, VA, USA
Old Town Alexandria is a mixed-use, historic neighborhood with a central market square and city hall.
Picture of Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Sanliurfa, Turkey
An expanse of mosques, rose gardens, pools of sacred carp, tea gardens, and people.
Picture of Times Square
Times Square
New York, NY, USA
People are drawn to Times Square simply to bear witness to its extravagance, with its hyper-designed oversized billboards and countless shining lights.
Picture of Asafra Beach
Asafra Beach
Alexandria, Egypt
Egyptians say "Alexandria is Asafra": the beach that runs parallel to the city's main street.
Picture of Country Club Plaza
Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, MO, USA
The Nation's first shopping center designed in 1922 and built by J.C. Nichols.
Picture of Harborpark
Kenosha, WI, USA
Redeveloped industrial space on the Kenosha Harbor now housing a park and open space, a public museum, residential housing, and a marina, with plans to build a commercial district.
Picture of Chapel Street and College Street
Chapel Street and College Street
New Haven, CT, USA
Two streets that split their real estate equally between Yale University and local merchants.
Picture of Division Street/Downtown Northfield
Division Street/Downtown Northfield
Northfield, MN, USA
With parks, water, sidewalks, historic buildings, local businesses, art and more, this place has all the hallmarks of greatness that PPS discusses.
Picture of Kyojima
Tokyo, Japan
Traditional neighborhood with a lively community and a walkable environment
Picture of Bleecker Street
Bleecker Street
New York, NY, USA
Small-scale residential street that cuts through the heart of Greenwich Village, with many owner-operated specialty stores, restaurants, and nightclubs.
Picture of Circular Quay
Circular Quay
Sydney, Australia
In many ways, Circular Quay is the "heart of Sydney," and its success is due to the essential role it plays in the city's daily life.
Picture of Coney Island
Coney Island
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Coney Island's streets, buildings, public beach and boardwalk may be a bit down at the heels, but it remains a one-of-a-kind destination.
Picture of Downtown Crossing
Downtown Crossing
Boston, MA, USA
Remodeled in 1979 and again in 1983, the bricked pedestrian streets threading between major department stores are the site of a large-scale, long-running vending cart program.
Picture of Granville Island
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Salvaged from the husks of old factories and infused with a spirit all its own, the district offers up a wonderfully imaginative stew of markets, play areas, cultural activities, and stunning waterfronts.
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Lake Street
Oak Park, IL, USA
Once a well-intentioned pedestrian mall, bringing back traffic to Lake Street also restored the old-fashioned bustle that characterizes American main streets.
Picture of Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
Seattle, WA, USA
Perhaps the quintessential public market and market district, the vitality, attractiveness, and economic success of this place are a beacon in Seattle (and for market boosters across the country).
Picture of The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh, Scotland
Leading up to Edinburgh Castle, this mile-long cobblestone road is surrounded by mazes of alleys.
Picture of Union Square Park and Greenmarket
Union Square Park and Greenmarket
New York, NY, USA
Three-square-block urban park that hosts a year-round, open-air farmers market four times a week.