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Picture of Hakaniemi Market Hall and Market Square
Hakaniemi Market Hall and Market Square
Helsinki, Finland
An old fashioned market hall next to a marketplace in a gentrifying, former working class district.
Picture of Türkenmarkt - The Turkish Market
Türkenmarkt - The Turkish Market
Berlin, Germany
A streetmarket in Berlin that will make you believe you’ve been transported to Istanbul.
Picture of Naschmarkt
Vienna, Austria
Naschmarkt is a unique mixture of Austrian traditions and exotic influences.
Picture of Östermalmstorg
Stockholm, Sweden
A special neighborhood square with a market and independent restaurants.
Picture of Largo Glênio Peres
Largo Glênio Peres
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Located by the City Hall and Public Market of Porto Alegre, this plaza is host to many cultural and political events.
Picture of Jardin Juarez and Market Hall
Jardin Juarez and Market Hall
Juchitan, Mexico
A market and zócalo where women run the show.
Picture of Ver-o-peso Market
Ver-o-peso Market
Belém do Pará, Brazil
A permanent market on the Amazon River with over 2000 tents.
Picture of Kensington Market
Kensington Market
Toronto, ON, Canada
Kensington is infamous in Toronto for its year-round vendors selling everything from fresh fish to chilies.
Picture of The Dapper Market
The Dapper Market
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This daily street market has been declared "Amsterdam's true people's market."
Picture of Weekend Women's Market
Weekend Women's Market
La Paz, Bolivia
The women of La Paz gather on weekends in this temporary market to sell all types of goods.
Picture of Fez Souk
Fez Souk
Fez, Morocco
Souks (street markets) are the classic form of public space throughout the Arab World. The Fez Souk is a glorious maze that you’ll be delighted to become lost in.
Picture of Temple Street Night Market
Temple Street Night Market
Hong Kong, China
A mile of practically anything you’d ever want to buy.
Picture of Muslim Quarter
Muslim Quarter
Kunming, China
One of the many threatened Muslim districts throughout China, this corridor is the cultural and economic crossroads of the city.
Picture of Mercado del Puerto
Mercado del Puerto
Montevideo, Uruguay
A beloved market hall specializing in many varieties of meats.
Picture of Mbare Market
Mbare Market
Harare, Zimbabwe
You can find it all here—vegetables, plumbing supplies, thumb pianos, ceremonial herbs.
Picture of Carmel Market
Carmel Market
Tel Aviv, Israel
It remains a popular place in a city fearful of public gatherings.
Picture of Greenmarket Square
Greenmarket Square
Cape Town, South Africa
A cobblestone square in the center of Cape Town where browsers comb through displays of traditional African crafts, curios and clothes.
Picture of Great Mosque of Djenne
Great Mosque of Djenne
Djenne, Mali
An inspiring 1907 mosque hosts a multi-ethnic market in the oldest known city in sub-Saharan Africa.
Picture of Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market
Can Thao City, Vietnam
Just like it sounds, vendors sell food, flowers and more from their boats on the Mekong River.
Picture of Camden Lock Market
Camden Lock Market
London, UK
One of the most renowned and busiest markets in London, a hive of activity.
Picture of Viktualienmarkt
Munich, Germany
The main attraction of this open-air food market is the beer garden.
Picture of St. George's Market
St. George's Market
Belfast, Northern Ireland
A variety market specializing in vast range of food and flowers.
Picture of Willimantic Third Thursday Streetfest
Willimantic Third Thursday Streetfest
Willimantic, CT, USA
A street festival that features music, theater, food, and local and regional vendors.
Picture of Findlay Market
Findlay Market
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market
Picture of Pier 39
Pier 39
San Francisco, CA, USA
A festival marketplace on the bay.
Picture of Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market
London, United Kingdom
No market in the world contrasts more with its setting than Leadenhall Market.
Picture of Harrods Department Store Food Halls
Harrods Department Store Food Halls
London, United Kingdom
There are no better displays, counters, and eateries than those at this upscale food hall.
Picture of Covent Garden
Covent Garden
London, United Kingdom
The best "festival marketplace" in the world.
Picture of Columbia Road Flower Market
Columbia Road Flower Market
London, United Kingdom
This 19th century market has evolved into a trendy Sunday hangout, attracting people from all over the city.
Picture of Borough Market
Borough Market
London, United Kingdom
One of the highlights of the South Bank walk along the Thames.
Picture of Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
Rome, Italy
An outdoor piazza that serves as a market for vendors by day and a gathering place for all at night.
Picture of Soulard Market
Soulard Market
St. Louis, MO, USA
A large, historic public market with an array of vendors.
Picture of Washington DC Fish Market
Washington DC Fish Market
Washington, DC, USA
A public fish market on the DC waterfront.
Picture of Bloomington Community Farmers Market
Bloomington Community Farmers Market
Bloomington, IN, USA
A farmers market featuring Indiana-grown produce, beautiful fresh cut flowers, fresh-baked bread and live musical performances.
Picture of Rembrandtplein
Amsterdam, Netherlands
An urban entertainment center and central square bustling with street performers, outdoor cafes, bars and clubs.
Picture of La Boqueria
La Boqueria
Barcelona, Spain
The energy of Barcelona's best-known market can work up quite an appetite - that's when its chiringuitos (casual bar/restaurants) come in handy.
Picture of Market Square - Knoxville
Market Square - Knoxville
Knoxville, TN, USA
A historic pedestrian square in downtown Knoxville.
Picture of Petaling Street
Petaling Street
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A traditional shopping street in the Chinatown section of Kuala Lumpur.
Picture of Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Dergah Park and Mosque Complex
Sanliurfa, Turkey
An expanse of mosques, rose gardens, pools of sacred carp, tea gardens, and people.
Picture of Saturday Market
Saturday Market
Eugene, OR, USA
A weekly outdoor handcrafted marketplace, Saturday Market is the "quintessential Eugene experience."
Picture of Mercato Nuovo/The Straw Market
Mercato Nuovo/The Straw Market
Florence, Italy
A 16th Century market in Florence enjoyed by both locals and tourists.
Picture of The Ridge Market
The Ridge Market
Cincinnati, OH, USA
This community-organized fresh-food market saved the neighborhood from a big-box retailer.
Picture of Rochester Public Market
Rochester Public Market
Rochester, NY, USA
Rochester's downtown Public Market, featuring a number of wholesale meat, produce and cut-flower businesses.
Picture of The English Market
The English Market
Cork City, Ireland
A covered market for fish, fruit, meat and vegetable.
Picture of Zanzibar Old Town Market
Zanzibar Old Town Market
Zanzibar, Tanzania
A thriving market with an incomparable mix of architecture and cultures.
Picture of North Union Farmers Market
North Union Farmers Market
Cleveland, OH, USA
Authentic farmers' market in the heartland of Ohio
Picture of West Side Market
West Side Market
Cleveland, OH, USA
Built in 1902, this market's European ambience helps draw shoppers from the greater Cleveland area
Picture of Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Atlanta, GA, USA
An enclosed market located in the geographic heart of Atlanta.
Picture of Waterlooplein
Amsterdam, Netherlands
An international-style flea market ("vlooien markt") with 300 vendors offering high-style goods, offbeat finds - and killer displays.
Picture of Plaza de Armas and Mercado Central
Plaza de Armas and Mercado Central
Santiago, Chile
Central Plaza and a Central Market
Picture of Cross Street Market
Cross Street Market
Baltimore, MD, USA
A city-block long market running along Cross Street between the neighborhood's two major avenues
Picture of Kyojima
Tokyo, Japan
Traditional neighborhood with a lively community and a walkable environment
Picture of Buckfastleigh Farmers' and Local Produce Market
Buckfastleigh Farmers' and Local Produce Market
Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
an excellent regular weekly social event, this market brings people from all around and gives the town its busiest day of the week, to the delight of other local businesses
Picture of Dane County Farmers Market
Dane County Farmers Market
Madison, WI, USA
Situated in an idyllic setting in the heart of Madison, this market's fame extends well beyond the city.
Picture of Ithaca Farmers Market
Ithaca Farmers Market
Ithaca, NY, USA
A fantastic community gathering place on the city's waterfront, where you can shop, eat, or just visit.
Picture of Rathaus Park - City Hall Park
Rathaus Park - City Hall Park
Vienna, Austria
A renowned Christmas Market and loads of other events year-round keep this park and central square one of the busiest spots in Vienna.
Picture of San Luis Obispo Farmers Market
San Luis Obispo Farmers Market
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
An incredible street party and farmers' market rolled into one - the market is just one part of a 6-block weekly event.
Picture of Rue Mouffetard
Rue Mouffetard
Paris, France
This ancient narrow street works in the same way it has for centuries: as a place where people live, shop, eat and meet.
Picture of Albert Cuyp Market
Albert Cuyp Market
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Neighborhood street market with nearly 300 vendors - and nary a tourist.
Picture of Boulder County Farmers Market
Boulder County Farmers Market
Boulder, CO, USA
A deliciously groovy farmers' market in the heart of downtown Boulder, sandwiched between mountains, which draws around 60 vendors and 15,000-18,000 customers weekly.
Picture of Broadway Market
Broadway Market
Buffalo, NY, USA
Market hall with family-owned and -operated businesses - butchers, bakeries, poultry and fruit/vegetable stands, delis, restaurants, and candy shops - spread over 90,000 square feet.
Picture of Central Market Hall
Central Market Hall
Budapest, Hungary
This gorgeous covered market dates to the turn of the 20th century and is still a focal point for city life.
Picture of Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak Market
Bangkok, Thailand
Open on weekends only, Chatuchak has 8,000 vendors and serves nearly a quarter of a million shoppers.
Picture of City Market
City Market
Kansas City, MO, USA
Renovated in the 1980's, the market has since come back to life as a centerpiece for an entire riverfront district.
Picture of Crescent City Farmers Market
Crescent City Farmers Market
New Orleans, LA, USA
A gentle farmers' market made distinctive by its location: the walls of the parking lot are covered in beautiful full-scale murals of rural farming scenes.
Picture of Dallas Farmers Market
Dallas Farmers Market
Dallas, TX, USA
8-1/2 acres including four large open-sided sheds and an enclosed shed, which accommodate around 1,000 vendors daily.
Picture of Davis Farmers' Market
Davis Farmers' Market
Davis, CA, USA
A lively farmers' market located ajacent to the Central Park, in downtown Davis.
Picture of Eastern Market
Eastern Market
Washington, DC, USA
It's common to rub shoulders with national politicians when shopping at this historic 16,500 square-foot market hall.
Picture of French Market
French Market
New Orleans, LA, USA
New Orleans once had markets in nearly every neighborhood; this place, with the longest and most colorful history, is the last in operation.
Picture of Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal
New York City, NY, USA
One of the most well known and impressive indoor public spaces in the country, Grand Central Terminal provides an unparalleled experience to over half a million people every day.
Picture of Granville Island
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Salvaged from the husks of old factories and infused with a spirit all its own, the district offers up a wonderfully imaginative stew of markets, play areas, cultural activities, and stunning waterfronts.
Picture of Italian Market
Italian Market
Philadelphia, PA, USA
The legendary food and wares at this six-block Italian stronghold are now complemented by goods from Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean vendors.
Picture of Lexington Market
Lexington Market
Baltimore, MD, USA
Old as the nation itself, Lexington Market has been Baltimore's pantry since 1782.
Picture of Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market
Seattle, WA, USA
Perhaps the quintessential public market and market district, the vitality, attractiveness, and economic success of this place are a beacon in Seattle (and for market boosters across the country).
Picture of Reading Terminal Market
Reading Terminal Market
Philadelphia, PA, USA
This 75,000 square-foot market hall opened in 1892 - then the world's largest indoor food market - but its roots go back to the 1600s.
Picture of River Market
River Market
Little Rock, AR, USA
The market is the centerpiece of an ambitious downtown renewal area; its setting along the Arkansas River adds a wonderful ambience.
Picture of Testaccio
Rome, Italy
A premier fresh food market, for Romans - not tourists.
Picture of Union Square Park and Greenmarket
Union Square Park and Greenmarket
New York, NY, USA
Three-square-block urban park that hosts a year-round, open-air farmers market four times a week.
Picture of Vietnamese Farmers' Market
Vietnamese Farmers' Market
New Orleans, LA, USA
At 5am each Saturday, over 20 vendors set up shop in a dilapidated shopping square, spreading out produce on blankets; live ducks, rabbits and chickens wail to a background chanting of Asian pop music.
Picture of Wye Farmers' Market
Wye Farmers' Market
Wye, Kent, UK
The quaintest of farmers' markets, located in a beautiful Kentish village. It runs on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month, 9am-1pm.