Seoul Forest Park

Near 685 Seongsudong Seongdonggu
Seoul, Korea

Submitted by: Yoonjong Choi

Ttukseom, one of a few large unused sites in Seoul, became home to Seoul Forest Park, which put an end to a controversy over numerous development plans.

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Why It Works

The total area of the park is 286 acre. Based on an ecological approach, five zones were created in 2005: Eco-forest, Culture & Art Park, Experience Learning Center, Wetland Ecological Garden, and Hangang Riverside Park.

What Makes Seoul Forest Park a Great Place?

You can easily access by bus, subway, or car. And some years later, a new subway station will be located at the front of the Park. The Park’s two sides are adjacent to Han River and Jungrang Streams. When you arrive at the parking lot, you may walk up the low hill and drop at the Insect Garden. You may visit the pedestrian bridge, which connected to Hangang River where you may see some deer under the bridge. Otherwise, you may rent bicycle at the backside of the visitor center.

There is no vehicle in the park except bicycles and in-line skates. It has bicycle trails in the inner course. The park is managed by partnership with the city government and NGO (Seoul Green Trust). Volunteers are always welcome for the maintenance of the park. The Park Rangers regularly go around the park for the safe of the visitors. There are many facilities such as benches, restrooms, and snack bars around the park.

The park has many environmental and ecological programs for kids, teens and adults, and has many events such as rock music, painting exhibitions, and sports programs around the year.

The major group of the park users is family members. The pre-school classmates are also main groups of the park visitors during spring and fall.

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