Freiburg, Germany
Freiburg, Germany

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

Stadtgarten (city-park) is a peaceful park that borders the old city of Freiburg and is at the foot of the Black Forest.

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Why It Works

Location, location, location. This park is situated at the foot of the Black Forest, and is just across a small footbridge from the central downtown square. It's easily accessible on foot from the nearby commercial and residential neighborhoods, evidenced by many senior citizens who use it. The park also seems to have something for everyone, from children to seniors. There is a small pond surrounded by interesting landscaping, small sculptures and benches in strategic locations. There is also a large-size chess area - well used by young and older men in the community, a children's play ground and a multitude of paths so that people can not only stroll in the park but can also leave from the park on a variety of walks through the Black Forest. Between the park, the amazing market in the nearby square and the downtown shopping streets, one could spend a lot of time in this area without being bored.

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