Mill Mountain

Spur Road off Fishburn Parkway
Roanoke, VA

Submitted by: J Tucei

Mill Mountain is a park that overlooks the City of Roanoke.

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Why It Works

Mill Mountain is a park that overlooks of the City of Roanoke. It has a huge neon star at the summit that is visible from all over the Roanoke Valley - it has been a historic feature there for many years (Roanoke is the Star City of the South). This area also has a greenway trail, picnic facilities, and a very nice zoo with some rare animals.

My husband and I took a limo ride to the overlook on the night of our wedding. He was in his tux and I was in my wedding dress. It was so special. Many other special things happen there - engagements, anniversary celebrations, and even some weddings.

What Makes Mill Mountain a Great Place?

There is a greenway for hikers and bikers. The Fishburn Parkway connects to local city streets, as well as the Blue Ridge Parkway. The park is always crowded with people - even on the cold days! The park's features are very well maintained and it is laid out so that all are easily accessible to all visitors.

The Mill Mountain Park is perfect - clean, has great places to sit and relax, and the most wonderful views of the whole valley. I have never felt unsafe there, no matter what time of the day. The parking areas are close enough for convenience, but far enough away from the places where people walk and sit.

People are nearly always there during operating hours. There are walkers, bikers, and even horseback riders on occasion. The place appeals to all age groups with the beautiful views, picnic facilities, and the zoo.


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