Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Bike Trail

Northern Virginia
Arlington, VA

Submitted by: Mike Janssen

A 45-mile trail connecting many towns, cities and counties in Northern Virginia

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Why It Works

Though it traverses a heavily-developed suburb for much of its distance, this trail is often surrounded by trees, marshes, parks and other pleasant natural settings. Popular with kids, skaters, rollerbladers, bikers, dogwalkers, the scooter set and just about everyone else who lives nearby. It links up with other trails, including the Custis Trail that heads toward Washington, DC, making it even more useful.

What Makes Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Bike Trail a Great Place?

Very accessible, popular and well-maintained. Accessible from a number of points along the route.

Clean and safe. Patrolled by bike cops.

All different kinds of people use the W&OD - young, old, atheletes, amateurs.

Reflective of the larger community and a source of pride for many in Northern Virginia.

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