Piazza del Campidoglio

Rome, Italy

Submitted by: aleksandar janicijevic

This intimate space overlooking the Forum is one of the world's premier public squares.

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Why It Works

This is a relatively small public square, for pedestrians only, on an ancient spot. It's the only square on the world where all the surrounding buldings are designed by one person: Michelangelo.

What Makes Piazza del Campidoglio a Great Place?

Not to many people are using it, as it is secluded, up on top of a steep hill. This gives it a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for contemplation!

The best.

This is a public gathering place and provides access to couple of art museums.

It is an extremly human space, designed having in mind human (pedestrian) proportions.

History & Background

This is by far the best existing public square today. My passion is the many thousand public spaces that I have visited in over 150 countries in my life, from all over the world.

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