Indian School Park

4289 N Hayden Rd, Hayden/Indian School & Hayden/Camelback
Scottsdale, AZ

Submitted by: Walt Johnson

a multi-sports complex and public park facility.

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Why It Works

Indian School Park is a 60-acre park which includes 13 tennis courts, 4 racquetball courts, 4 sand volleyball courts, 4 baseball fields, 4 horseshoe courts, 2 bocce courts, 6 picnic ramadas and a large multi–structured playground. The park is operated from an 1150 sq. ft. office building located in the middle of the park for central access. Indian School Park offers a variety of structured sports programs including tennis leagues and lessons, volleyball leagues, racquetball leagues, sports and basketball camps, which provide recreation activities for adults as well as children. The facility also provides recreational opportunities in a non-structured environment including drop-in tennis, racquetball, and pick-up basketball games. The picnic and playground facilities offer opportunities for families and organizations to come together and enjoy the Arizona weather. The baseball complex provides a professional facility for youth and adult baseball organizations, and is the training complex for Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants during Cactus League Spring Training.

What Makes Indian School Park a Great Place?

Indian School Park is located in the heart of Scottsdale’s award-winning green belt, a multi-use pathway and park system that spans much of the City. The park is accessible from four different parking lots, all of which are strategically placed to ensure convenience. The park is lined with a matrix of well-planned sidewalks to provide fluid movement throughout the park. Some of the sidewalks that run through the park are lined with right and left way traffic lines to ensure safety and steady traffic flow. The park is utilized often for such leisure activities as bike riding, rollerblading, walking and running. In addition, the park has two drop off points for local bus routes.

When patrons first enter Indian School Park, perhaps the most noticeable and impressive quality is its well-maintained grounds. The fully mature trees provide adequate shade allowing people to enjoy warm Arizona days outdoors. Within recent years, Indian School Park has implemented xeriscape plants and shrubs, a new way in landscaping that is water conscious- a necessity when living in the desert. The park is fully staffed throughout the day with staff members always available for assistance during park operating hours. An employee is assigned to rove around the park for forty-five minutes every hour, everyday of the week to inspect the park. These rovers provide security, ensure safety, and clean up litter around the grounds. In addition, they provide patrons with easy access to assistance when needed. Indian School Park also employs several full-time maintenance staff members who continually groom the park five days a week.

Indian School Park offers a variety of activities and programs for the avid sports enthusiast as well as opportunities for family oriented activities. These activities include a wide variety of tennis leagues and lessons for all ages, sand volleyball leagues for adults, after school programs for children ages 6-12, a sports camp and basketball camp for children during the summer months. Tennis leagues are offered for several different levels of play from beginners to advanced players. Lessons are offered for players trying to learn the game as well as those looking to improve their skills. The sand volleyball courts are used four nights a week for three different types of play. Indian School Park offers 2-person coed power league, 4-person power league, and a 6-person leisure league. The leisure volleyball league is extremely popular with young adults and many local businesses sponsor teams. The after school program is held Monday through Friday during the school year. This popular program allows parents to feel secure in their children’s safety and participation in a positive environment. Activities include tennis, fishing, and watching spring training games. The summer activities for children include a camp for children ages 5-13. The children are divided into manageable age groups to better enjoy the planned activities such as water day, basketball, bocce ball, and volleyball. Activities held at Indian School Park provide positive social interaction for all participants. Whether you meet a new person in a tennis lesson or find a new friend in a pickup basketball or volleyball game, you are sure to increase your social interaction at Indian School Park. In addition, Indian School Park allows patrons an inexpensive fitness program in which they can improve their health and relieve stress.

Since several local hotels and resorts are not equipped with tennis courts or with a tennis professional to offer instruction, so they often send their guests to Indian School Park to take advantage of the top-rate tennis courts. The numerous ramadas throughout the park, which provide shade, seating, and barbeques, attract many families and local companies as a place to host private gatherings. With the clean park and restrooms, along with playgrounds and a plethora of open space, it is considered an ideal location for family or corporate events. Since the facility is also a training complex for Major & Minor league baseball many fans gather to observe practice and games at no charge in a relaxed environment.

History & Background

Indian School Park opened in 1979 as City of Scottsdale public park facility. The park was built in dry wash basin that virtually unusable for any other purpose. The facility was designed and constructed by the United States Army Corp of Engineers as part of recreation development for the Indian Bend Wash Flood Control Project. This project created a beautiful park used by hundreds of thousands of people yearly replacing an eyesore of a dry wash. Indian School Park was nominated as “USTA Tennis Facility of the Year” in 1997.

Contact Info:

Walt Johnson, Recreation Coordinator or Scott Anderson, Recreation Leader 3

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