Yerba Buena Esplanade

Mission between 3rd and 4th Streets
San Francisco, CA

Submitted by: Jayanthi Madhavan

This urban park acts as a connector between SFMOMA and Moscone Convention facility and Yerba Buena Center for Arts

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Why It Works

This place is in the heart of the city, surrounded by streets on all four sides and can be accessed by the public from three sides. It's flanked by Meteron theater on one side, the Moscone Center on the second side, SFMOMA on the third and a church on the fourth. It is open yet still enclosed by these uses and thereby becomes a safe place for children, adults, senior citizens and artists to use the space actively or passively depending on their creative talent. Green lawns, water cascades, retail activity invite people to stop by.

What Makes Yerba Buena Esplanade a Great Place?

Large side walks, pedestrian bridges and bus stops encourage pedestrians to take a moment away from this throughfare and enjoy a green space in the heart of the city.

Vehicles do not dominate the place, though one can see vehicular traffic from the place. People of every age and background seem to inhabit it, and general maintenance seems to exist.

Most of the spaces are used for passive recreation such as people watching or bird feeding or lying on the lawn. Certain spaces are occupied by students who use them as a stage for performing group activities. Senior citizens occupy quieter areas of nature watching.

Some people choose this place as a resting point while most of them use it as a throughfare. People do make eye contact and smile at other visitor - a sign of sociability.

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