Parc de Vallparadís

Rambla de Sant Nebridi, 55 ( Int. Parc)
Terrassa, Spain

Submitted by: Jordi Chueca

Gardens, steam trains, centennial trees and a great lake are some of the more interesting aspects.

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Why It Works

Terrassa is a city of 180,000 inhabitants, located 20 km from Barcelona. Vallparadis is an urban park that crosses the North City to South, with an extension of 33 hectares.

What Makes Parc de Vallparadís a Great Place?

Vallparadís is 100 m. from a railway station, various bus lines join it to the rest of the city, and is also accessible to the handicapped.

The maintenance and cleanliness service is daily. The urban center does not has vandalism problems. Their interest, in addition to the museums and the ancient churches, is in the great lake, which in winter is navigable and in summer is converted into a great pool for more than 2000 people, with all the customary services.

The park has an annual spectacles program, with more than forty arrangements, theatrical representations, etc. The park is used by many people year-long, originating from all social classes and various ages. There is a company that offers adventure sports, an ornithological observatory and a botanical ride.

The park is also a meeting center for persons of other cities that go to see its monuments, sculptures, and the vegetation. It is a meeting point of the different cultures that inhabit the city (European, South American and African.)

History & Background

The park was designed by the Landscape Architect Mr. Manuel Ribas Piera, professor of landscape at the Architecture School of Barcelona. His interest, in addition to botanical, is due to the existence in his interior of three museums and the monumental set of Sant Pere, with three churches built from the century III to the VIII.

Contact Info:

Director of Vallparadís Park, Terrassa City Council

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