South Hills

South Lebanon
Lebanon, PA

Submitted by: Kelli Plasterer

A community park/recreation area that is the hub of the county.

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Why It Works

This park has a walking path around it approximately 1.5-miles long, tennis courts, basketball courts, athletic fields, a driving range, pavilions, a playground, a fitness course and lots of big beautiful trees.

What Makes South Hills a Great Place?

This park is the hub of Lebanon County. People in nearby South Lebanon use it, but people from the North end of town drive to use it also. It is always full of people, even in the winter. People are there walking, playing basketball and tennis, playing with their children in the playground and using the pavilions for picnics or parties. Different schools and athletic associations are always using the athletic fields. There are two parking areas that allow access to the path, which gets you anywhere in the park. The driving range has its own parking area. All of the equipment, including the walking path, is in excellent condition.

This park is the cleanest I have ever seen. It makes a beautiful first impression. Driving by makes you want to go in and see why everyone is there. There are an equal amount of men and women. There are benches and pavilions to sit in. There are plenty of trash bins and everyone uses them. I have never seen litter lying around. I usually see maintenance men driving around in a golf cart so I assume there is regular maintenance. The area feels very safe. The way the parking is situated allows the park to be free of vehicles.

The space is used everyday by a large number of people. People are using every aspect of it. Users range from young to old and individuals to groups. There are plenty of choices and all the areas are used.

Everyone meets other people at the park. There are a lot of families also. Usually everyone is smiling and there is a mix of ethnic groups.

Contact Info:

South Lebanon Township: 717-274-0481

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