Mount Washington

Mount Washington
Pittsburgh, PA

Submitted by: Jon Winslow

Historic working-class neighborhood located on Mount Washington, across the river from downtown Pittsburgh.

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Why It Works

A dense, historic residential neighborhood located on Mount Washington just across the river from downtown that has incredible views of downtown. The narrow streets are lined with vibrant small businesses and retail. The incline railways shuttle residents and visitors up from downtown Pittsburgh.

What Makes Mount Washington a Great Place?

Since most buildings are of the same age (1880ís-1920ís) they work well together. Travel is primarily pedestrian with auto traffic moving slowly on narrow (possibly cobblestone) streets. The incline railways also make it pedestrian based and dense. Local buses serve the area too.

The neighborhood makes a great first impression. I only walked through the area for maybe 20 minutes and felt extremely comfortable and loved it immediately. It is definitely a great, safe working class community where everyone gets along. This is how many neighborhoods around the country were before 1960ís urban renewal destroyed them into terrible dysfunctional neighborhoods.

It seems to be well patronized, with locals living their lives and shopping in the neighborhood.

From what I saw, the neighborhood definitely has the feel of a social and friendly place. It appears that people of all kinds get along very well.

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