Breckenridge City Park

Walker Street
Breckenridge, TX

Submitted by: Kristi Williams

A City Park with rolling hills, playgrounds, and an aquatic center.

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Why It Works

This 12-acre City Park sits just outside the historic downtown district. The park features rolling hills, an aquatic center, playground, six regulation horseshoe pits, an amphitheater, a covered pavilion, a wildflower mural and many picnic tables. This park makes quite a statement for this town of just 5,800.

Many events throughout the year are hosted in the park including our biggest event, Frontier Days, which is held each year on the first weekend in May. Located in West Texas, Breckenridge is in the middle of dry country. Having a park with large trees and grass makes this a very special place for residents here. Another special feature about the park is that it is used year-round; in the summer you can swim in the beautiful public pool and in the winter the kids take advantage of the large hills when it snows by going sledding.

What Makes Breckenridge City Park a Great Place?

The park is located in the heart of the city and right off the main street that goes through town. It is close to downtown and to the neighborhoods that surround it. It is easily accessed by foot, auto, bikes, wheelchairs, scooters, etc. When driving through town the park is a beautiful feature you see when passing by on Walker Street. All the sidewalks and paths are well kept and are mostly concrete.

The park makes an awesome first impression. When driving through the entrance you get a feel of the work put into it by the city parks department and the Breckenridge Garden Club. The many wildflower plantings make the park and extra special place in the springtime and during the annual Easter egg hunt. The Breckenridge City Park is a comfortable place with plenty of seating either at the picnic tables or along the large stonewall planter. The park itself is illuminated at night, as is the separate parking area. The park sports many public trashcans and the events held here are advertised as "litter free events," encouraging patrons to respect the facility.

Every bit of the park is used. The aquatic center offers swimming lessons for infants and kids as well as aquatic aerobics for the seniors. The park hosts Chamber meetings, family reunions, birthday parties and chuck wagon cook-offs. You will often see a couple or a small family having a picnic as well.

We are very proud of our park and it is definitely a place to take visitors. The park is always in use and is open all the time and since most everyone knows everyone in town, a lot of eye contact and socializing goes on there. Recently our Jr. Main Street Board planted an oak tree for Arbor Day, and just over 100 people showed up and varied in age from two to 87.

History & Background

Through sheer determination, dedication and many grants and donations, this park has become the best City Park in the region.

Contact Info:

Breckenridge City Offices: 254-559-8287

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