Wooster Square Park

Academy and Chapel Streets
New Haven, CT

Submitted by: Natasha Berger

A beautifully landscaped, medium-sized, square shaped community park.

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Why It Works

A beautifully landscaped, medium-sized, square shaped community park, with Victorian lampposts and benches. It is surrounded by a historic neighborhood. A vibrant, diverse population makes use of it by day and night. A great time to visit is the last weekend in April, for the Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the park's many wonderful trees.

What Makes Wooster Square Park a Great Place?

The square is accessible by foot, auto, or (to lesser extent) bus. A very open space, with clearly marked, geometrically laid out paths.

There is no single group that dominates. At any one time one may see middle-aged dog walkers, students in a pick-up softball toss, kids throwing frisbees or learning to ride a bike. It is well-lit at night, and generally one of the cleanest parks I've ever seen in the USA. Cars are parked along the perimeter, but the area is not congested with vehicles.

A great variety of uses! Dog-walking, bicycling, strolling, community celebrations.

This is the friendliest, most open public place I've had the pleasure to experience. It is great for meeting neighbors, and many of the residents linger along the paths to catch up on the latest news. Everyone living here is proud of the park, and in fact, it is key to the healthy real estate values of the area.

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