Pinellas Trail

Trail Office, 12020 Walsingham Road
Largo, FL

Submitted by: Susan Dutill

A 34-mile rail-to-trail greenway that attracts residents and tourists alike.

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Why It Works

The Pinellas Trail attracts nearly 900,000 visitors a year. The Trail is 15 feet wide, has a smooth asphalt surface, and is fully accessible in most areas. The Trail crosses 88 streets. Planned extensions include 20.6 miles on a utility corridor, connections built as part of road construction, with many proposals for future connecting community trails.

What Makes Pinellas Trail a Great Place?

Trail Locator Maps (Pinellas Trail Guide) are published semi-annually and distributed free of charge. The Trail Guide illustrates & locates amenities, the location of restaurants, bike shops, shopping, and other areas of interest. The Trail crosses 88 streets, and is fully accessible at most of these intersections, as well as special spurs which connect the Trail to public destinations and areas. Some organizations have not only landscaped the Trail in their area, but added murals, paintings, and other aesthetic venues.

The Pinellas Trail travels through eight municipalities as well as other political jurisdictions, each offering a unique experience and various opportunities. The Trail is featured as the downtown anchor in Dunedin, where many quaint shops and restaurants have flourished along with downtown development to make this area extremely pedestrian friendly, and a great place to visit. Tarpon Springs has also embraced the Trail, and offers a varied cultural experience, inviting Trail users to enjoy the Greek heritage of this city. Several County and community parks are located along the Trail, and provide restroom facilities, as well as a varied recreational experience. Periodic benches, sheltered benches, water fountains, bicycle racks, sheltered tables, litter receptacles, mileage markers, and Trail locator maps are located along the length of the Trail.

The Pinellas Trail is a safe place for residents and tourists alike to enjoy bicycling, walking, in-line skating, and also wheelchair use (no motorized vehicles, no horses). As Pinellas is the most densely populated county in Florida, our urban population is separated from motorized traffic on the Trail. Overpasses were built for Trail users to safely cross over major roads, and additional overpasses are planned. The Trail is a place for people to socialize, safely walk or bicycle to shopping, visit the various parks along its alignment, and is great exercise.

As mentioned earlier, the Trail passes through The Pinellas County Park Department patrols the Trail, and has organized a volunteer organization to assist in the effort. The Auxiliary Rangers wear distinctive uniforms, and work in shifts to increase the patrol presence on the Trail. 98% of Trail users feel safe when using the Trail. Sheriff's Office statistics show crime related to the Trail is less than one percent of the crime for the rest of the area.

History & Background

The trail came into being due in large part to a marketing and promotional effort by an advocacy group that lobbied county officials, raised community consciousness, and developed fundraising strategies before trail construction was approved.

Also see the Urban Park Institute's Success Story on the Trail.

Contact Info:

Jerry Cumings, Park Supervisor, 727-549-6099

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