Hetch-Hetchy Greenway

Between Waddell Ave. and Fairwood Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA

Submitted by: Cathy Merrill

A series of bike paths, walkways and play areas linking three city parks.

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Why It Works

It is a landscaped Greenway that includes a bike path, walkways and play areas that links three City Parks- Orchard Gardens, Lakewood Park and a newer park- Fairwood Park. One can readily see how families would use this site, from grandparents walking to children skating by and folks jogging before or after work to stay in shape.

What Makes Hetch-Hetchy Greenway a Great Place?

The Greenway provides wonderful access directly to or from Lakewood and Fairwood Schools, a neighborhood shopping area behind Dick's Market, and the parks - Orchard Gardens, Lakewood and Fairwood - that are near the schools. The schools and park sites are directly accessible via the Greenway, whether walking, jogging, skating or on a bike!

The Greenway was developed with input from the neighborhoods during Community meetings. Such concerns as lighting, noise, and width of the greenway behind neighborhood stores were addressed. The park does not have a "sterile" feeling because the design broke up linear areas to create stopping points: a landscaped seating area and a play area for example, kept the neighborhood "feel" in the park as it was developed.

This is a greenway that serves the local neighborhoods Children play and ride their bikes through the Greenway to Lakewood and Fairwood Schools as well as their friends' houses. You can see folks walking along the park trails and stopping to rest on the benches at almost any time of day!

The Hetch-Hetchy Greenway has provided a wonderful site to conduct these activities while promoting a nice feeling of being in a park, rather than on the street. Its design promotes safety with low-level lighting and is comfortable to "play" in, no matter what your age!

History & Background

The Greenway evolved from a bike trail that followed the San Francisco Hetch-Hetchy water channel in 1997.

Contact Info:

Sunnyvale Department of Parks and Recreation, City Hall Annex, 650 West Olive Avenue
Telephone: (408) 730-7350

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