Jamison Square

810 NW 11 Avenue
Portland, OR

Submitted by: James Farnam

A civic square with an amazing interactive fountain.

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Why It Works

A full city block with the most amazing interactive fountain that attracts hundreds of families and children on warm weekends. The water spills from in between tiered steps until it fills a pool, drains out and repeats the process all day long. The result is that kids have a constantly fresh supply of water to wade and play in and adults can sit on the steps and visit while watching their kids. There is also a lawn area for picnics form which the action is all visible.

Acreage: 0.96
Acquired in 2000

What Makes Jamison Square a Great Place?

It is located downtown and surrounded by high density housing with a trolley line going right by.

Many people, very inviting, good seating on the fountain steps or on benches or grass.

Highly active use in summer for wading in and splashing.

The space is very conducive to social interaction among both friends and strangers.

Contact Info:

Portland Parks and Recreation Department: 503-823-PLAY

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