42nd Street/Times Square Subway Station

42nd Street/Times Square
New York, NY

Submitted by: Jorge Diaz

A 1000 foot-long underground tunnel links two subway stations in Times Square.

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Why It Doesn't Work

An approximately 1000 foot-long pedestrian path linking over half a dozen subway lines stations on one side to more subway lines and the Port Authority Bus Station on the other. It is a crucial pedestrian link in the metropolitan transportation system, an interchange for tens of thousands of public transportation users. I used to walk through it for five years and found it a narrow, crowded and filthy way, so if I could avoid it, I always preferred to go over the ground. Peddlers were allowed to take up the very limited public space, so rush hour tended to be hellish. This week, as I walked through the same path I found it even more appalling, damp and filthy, a piece of the third world right in the middle of the self-styled "greatest city on earth."

What Puts 42nd Street/Times Square Subway Station in the Hall of Shame?

Pedestrians forced to walk on unpaved areas.

Litter and other signs of poor maintenance can be found, as well as “undesirables.”

Congestion or crowding because of size or design, but also because public works to upgrade the stations have taken years, a sure sign of corruption going on.

Never! On the contrary, at rush hour times, more than once I bumped into other pedestrians, or the other way around, drawing irritation and even aggressive responses.

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