Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden

500 Wildlife Parkway
Columbia, SC

Submitted by: cindy smith

The zoo and botanical garden is a jewel in the middle of the city.

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Why It Works

This is a zoo and botanical garden that is situated on a river in Columbia, South Carolina. It is very natural and beautifully designed. This is a jewel in the middle of our city.

What Makes Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden a Great Place?

The zoo and gardens are accessible by foot, car, and public transportation. They are also accessible from both sides of the river.

It is absolutely beautiful. It is mainly frequented by families. It is spotless and very safe. There are no vehicles within the park other than a tram system for people who are unable to walk between the two parks.

It is a zoo, a garden, a picnic area and an entertainment center. It also houses an educational center. A wide range of events, from weddings to Christmas light shows, are permitted at this site.

It is a very friendly place and one that most South Carolinians take an enormous amount of pride in using. It has been chosen by other nearby cities as their favorite day trip excursion. The ratio of locals to visitors is probably 70/30.

Contact Info:

803-779-8717; info@riverbanks.org

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