Guapulo Church

Pichincha Province
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Enrique Cabanilla

It is a church in a very old neighbourhood in a beautiful valley.

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Why It Works

This place is located at Bellavista hill skirts, at 2,700 meter above the sea level. There, we can find the church. At the beginning, in this church was the original Guapulo’s Virgin, made by Diego de Robles. This name belongs to Guadalupe; but, at that time, most of the indigenous could not pronounce that word well, so they changed it. Some of the changes were: “Gualupe,” and then “Guapule,” and finally, they got the name of Guapulo. Guadalupe was the original name of the virgin, which was brought from Spain. The first church was built at the half of the XVI century, but it was very little. Then they tore it down and made another bigger church at the end of the century; but this one was destroyed by a fire. Finally, in the XVII century, the third and last church was built.

What Makes Guapulo Church a Great Place?

You can arrive at this place by taking a bus or walking. If you are near Mariscal zone, the address is Los Conquistadores Ave, behind Quito hotel.

The church is located in a very old neighborhood. There is a mixture of colonial and modern architecture, due to its proximity to the Gonzalez Suarez neighborhood. Surrounding this place, you can see a beautiful valley and mountains.

Guapulo is one of the oldest churches, but it is important because it is placed in a beautiful small valley, not in the city.

This place can be used as a viewpoint because it is located in a strategic place. Also it is a beautiful church, and there is an important museum there as well.

It is very visited by tourists from other countries, and there is a university there, too.

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