Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito

Garcia Moreno and Espejo Streets
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Enrique Cabanilla

It is a historical building is a showcase for cultural events in Quito.

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Why It Works

This building belongs to the colonial epoch, but its façade was rebuilt in the 20th century with a neo-classic style. The First Central University was in this building. It was also a jail where the Independence heroes were murdered.

What Makes Metropolitan Cultural Centre of Quito a Great Place?

This building is located in the central part of Quito’s downtown, close to the Government palace. People can get there by their own car and also by the public transportation that passes by Garcia Moreno Street. You can also take the trolleybus and walk until you get to the main square; from there, you can see the big building located on the south corner, across from the square.

When you see the building, it feels as though you are in the colonial epoch. Nowadays, the City Hall is in charge of maintaining and keeping this kind of building in good condition. As it is located in the Historical Centre, it is a safe place where people can go without problems. There are Tourism Policemen who try to take care and help people in this part of the city.

This building is used by young people especially, because there are many different rooms that serve as specific libraries, so they can go there to do their homework. Also, on the other side of the building, there is a Historical Museum that shows us our Independence Process. There are some galleries and rooms for temporary exhibits. There is also a bar and restaurant that offers typical Ecuadorian food.

This building is especially used to promote the most important cultural events that happen in the city.

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