Buford Highway

Atlanta-Dekalb County
Atlanta , GA

Submitted by: Michael Charlson

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Why It Works

This is a road, avenue (or call it what you will) that is an artery linkage that mimics an undivided six lane highway. It connects the urban North Dekalb County neighborhoods and shopping areas with the City of Atlanta. This area is so diverse and rich in culture but so uninviting to the Atlantan and the tourist alike. There is nowhere to walk and driving is also a nightmare.

There are no sidewalks, little or no street trees, and very poor pedestrian crossings. Subsequently, many pedestrian fatalities have occurred in recent years.

Trees, safe, well lit and wide sidewalks, medians for crossing "six lanes of highway", a sign ordinance that would limit the height and number of signs, are a few things that Dekalb County and Atlanta could do to turn the tide on this bad space. But the people of the region need to demand more from their pols.

What Makes Buford Highway a Great Place?

This is a major traffic and people connector for Atlanta and neighboring urban Dekalb County. Without the advantage of a fast paced (SUV) car "look out"...

Signs and more signs, seemingly everywhere amassed with power poles. This alone makes it difficult for cars and pedestrians alike to navigate anywhere.

This area supports many affordable housing opportunities and many transit riders too. These transit goers have to disembark at poor interesections with inadeqaute stations/nodes without safe walking or crosswalking areas. Because sidewalks are an afterthought here, people movement is dangerous both to cars and their drivers as well as pedestrians, because there is no where for people to go.

This is where many new and often lower income working class Atlantans and Americans come to get a taste of the "American dream". For them it is more like an American nightmare. I know of Mexcian immigrants getting tickets for j-walking on this roadway, when in fact, there is no place to cross for miles ... how is that for justice and spending taxpayer money! A ticket rather then fixing the problem: no sidewalks or crosswalks.

Mabye it is blantant discrimination against the poor and under served class of people, whatever it is: the space/place is depressing. When, in reality, it could could be so much more of a place to celebrate the great diversity of Dekalb/Atlanta.

Contact Info:

Dekalb County Georgia, The Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Department of Transportation

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