Plaza Hidalgo

Coyoacan, Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico

Submitted by: Shin-pei Tsay

Plaza Hidalgo is the heart of the pleasant bohemian suburb of Coyoacan, outside of Mexico City.

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Why It Works

Walking around Coyoacan, a pleasant experience with its tree-lined streets, one is inevitably drawn to the Plaza. Anchored on one side by a large church, activity in the plaza works together in a fantastically messy way, from the market spilling onto the church steps; the restaurants spilling out onto the plaza, and numerous people walking, resting and socializing in the plaza. There is numerous seating, and even the plantings provide some element of seating with their low border walls. People of all ages can be found enjoying the plaza on any given day.

What Makes Plaza Hidalgo a Great Place?

Thankfully, the center of the Plaza is accessible only by foot, or its vibrancy might be spoiled by speeding cars. Streets lead to it, but divert cars away, while sidewalks take walkers directly into the plaza.

One of the nicest things about the plaza is that someone is always watching over it - whether it is the tamales peddler in the morning, the taco man who comes out in the afternoon, or the sweeper who quietly sweeps up the plaza.

The most colorful activity is the weekend market in the plaza, a market that spills out into every available space around the square.

The plaza acts as a center of thriving activity, yet provides enough activity to act as a buffer from the persistent hustle and bustle that typifies life in Mexico City. There is a high level of local pride, and this public space is populated by both locals and tourists at its busiest times.

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