Milton Skate Park

Milton Way
Milton, WA

Submitted by: peter whitley

A public skate park located along a main thoroughfare that puts the skaters front-and-center.

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Why It Works

Though they are somewhat niche, skate parks serve a vital role for athletic youth. The skatepark at Milton, through its professional design that both challenges and encourages skaters, draws skateboarders from all over the west coast (and abroad). It was developed under a very limited budget, yet, by planning carefully, parks planners were able to create one of the most renowned skateboarding facilities in the nation.

A robust, supportive community has emerged around the park with constituents mostly at an age where civic involvement is the farthest thing from their mind.

What Makes Milton Skate Park a Great Place?

Unlike most skate parks, the park at Milton is adjacent to a main thoroughfare that receives lots of pedestrian traffic. While skateboarders are accustomed to being relegated to backwoods parks and alleyway loading docks, Milton put them front-and-center. Pedestrian traffic regularly stops for a bit at one of the benches to watch the skateboarding.

The skate park is largely self-regulating. That is, rather that parks maintenance crews cleaning up, it's often the skateboarders themselves.

The skate park is adjacent to a playground and wetlands that will soon have walkways and educational signage.

The park is a destination to many within the larger skateboarding community and frequently sees visitors from all over. In general, the facility is used regularly by people from within a 30-mile radius.

History & Background

The skateboarding facility was designed and built by Grindline, a Washington state based outfit that was partially involved with the creation of Burnside skate park in Portland, Oregon.

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