Pegram Park

Pegram, TN

Submitted by: Francesca Krane

In a region with little public funding for parks, a local friends' group has been instrumental in making this park the heart of its small town.

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Why It Works

The Park is the center of the town. Although it is small in size it serves as the center of the community for much of the county it is in. From 4th of July parades, christmas in the park, little league, easter egg hunts, political forums, music events. It is what "makes" the town of Pegram, which has grown from a small rural town and has turned into a small bedroom community. Which now makes it even more important to gather citizen involvement into the community. The current city hall/volunteer fire hall is situated in the park.

What Makes Pegram Park a Great Place?

Center of Town

The first and foremost issue the community is working toward is safety and accessibility for all. Native plants are part of a park-wide beautifiacation plan. Safe playground, ADA-approved restrooms, parking etc. are many of the capital funding needs. Yet all designed to work for community partnerships such as arts in the park, adopt-a-garden for seniors and neighborhood schools, etc. and many more programs that a non-profit group can help in a poor county - one that is unable to even support a county parks system.

The park is the center of the community in a county that has very little. Community partnerships and volunteers have formed to find funding to upgrade the park and maximize its potential. A non-profit park partnership group named Friends of Pegram Park made up volunteers and citizens have designed a master plan based off of community input, have written grants, are fundraising and are working together with local goverment to implement the plan. The spirit behind it has certainly made citizens become more politically ivolved as well as community involved in a time of change from rural to bedroom community transition.

Only place in town to interact.

History & Background

The park was created with the purchase of 10 acres of land in 1974 and was significantly helped by an LWCF grant in 1977. The park has also made use of other grants and as of Autumn, 2001, was awaiting news on a state match grant put together in partnership between the Town of pegram and Friends of Pegram Park

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