Little Italy

Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, Canada

Submitted by: Lee Haber

Little Italy is a bustling district on Corydon Avenue, a vibrant tree-lined street with many shops, restaurants and people enjoying themselves.

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Why It Works

Corydon Avenue is one of only a handful of streets in Winnipeg that is designed with people mind. In Little Italy, it is four lanes with parallel parking which makes traffic move at a slow and safe pace. Its many boutiques, eateries and patios are well shaded by beautiful American elm trees. The district is well served by a frequent bus route and has many side streets that are friendly to cyclists. Parking is small and neatly tucked away.

What Makes Little Italy a Great Place?

Little Italy is in a built up, grid system neighbourhood. There is a variety of apartments and houses nearby. Many of the sidewalks are made of cobblestone and have benches on them. There are many restaurants with patios on the sidewalk.

In general, people feel comfortable and at ease in this area. The area is quite clean and has many murals to prevent graffiti. Unlike most parts of Winnipeg, cars are not king here.

The district is used for shopping, eating and relaxation. People of all ages enjoy the neighbourhood varying from families to young people and seniors.

Little Italy is a great place to eat and socialize with friends. People can enjoy eating outdoors in a patio while relaxing in the shade. The pride of the district can be seen in its unique, Italian flag street signs.

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