Englischer Garten

Munich City Centre
Munich, Germany

Submitted by: Matthias Bauer

This public park is Munich's most popular greenspace and is modeled after English gardens.

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Why It Works

Modeled after English landscape gardens, this is Munich's most important and most popular inner city greenspace. Construction started in 1789 and stretched over several decades. The design of the park is closely connected with Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, one of the famous landscape architects of that time. The park features wide lawns, old trees, streams and some architectural structures such as a neo-classical temple (Monopteros) and the “Chinese Tower,” complete with one of Germany's most famous and most vibrant beergardens. In summer you will frequently find nudist sunbathers lying around everywhere on the lawns and next to the streams enjoying the sunshine.

What Makes Englischer Garten a Great Place?

It is easily accessible from all sides. There are extensive footpaths and cycling paths throughout the park.

This place is clean and well-maintained; there are no vehicles on the grounds.

Wide range of activities can be found here. There is walking, cycling, bathing, boating on the lake, and several beergardens.

The atmosphere is relaxed and tolerant (see nudist sunbathers.) The place is attractive for both locals and tourists to spend time.

History & Background

With a size of 373 ha, it claims to be "the largest inner city green space in the world." The construction of the park was initiated by an American scientist, one Sir Benjamin Thompson, later known as Count Rumford (1753 - 1814).

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