Center of Utrecht
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Submitted by: Maria Braks

A former industrial site that has become a special park.

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Why It Works

Utrecht certainly has spots even more beautiful than this park, but Griftpark is special because it is planned in balance. My preferred spot is the eco-wall along the path, which changes colors every week depending on the colors of the wild flowers. Even with our (sometimes) rainy climate, this little accent gives a glance of sunshine!

What Makes Griftpark a Great Place?

It took a long time to develop Griftpark, which is located on a former industrial site in the center of Utrecht. It can be reached by all kind of transportation.

There is minimal risk for abuse, e.g.: the path crossing the park prevents entering the park with a motorcycle or vehicle, there is sufficient lighting, etc.

Griftpark is a mid-size park with great planning for all ages and types of people - playground for little children, skateboarding, sports, little gardens, etc.

It is a place that many locals visit, where you can see people of different (multicultural) backgrounds. Not much of a tourist place.

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