Pritchard Park

Triangle made by Patton Avenue, Haywood Street and College Street
Asheville, NC

Submitted by: Paulina Vastakis

The rock faces and trees that are used to landscape this small Downtown park really bring out the mountains that surround Asheville.

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Why It Works

Pritchard Park is a small triangular park in the middle of the Battery Park area of Downtown Asheville. The landscape of the park really brings out the mountains that surround Asheville by its rock faces and trees. It has a small waterfall, and mini-amphitheater, and outdoor game tables with checkers, chess and backgammon. There is a hide-away movie screen and in the summer the amphitheater is used to show old silent movies. There are always people there, playing chess, taking a break from walking the dog, watching movies, etc.

What Makes Pritchard Park a Great Place?

Most public transit lines going East, West and North pass by at least one side of the park. Pedestrian friendly crossings and traffic calming techniques are used all around it. Restaurants, bars, entertainment spots and art galleries surround it on all sides. It is very easily accessible by foot by the numerous wide sidewalk connections to every part of Downtown. It is one block away from the Civic Center, the largest entertainment venue in the area. The residents of loft apartments in the area spend a lot of time in this jewel of a park.

There is ample choice in seating. Even though the park is small, you can find a private spot for yourself and your friends or family. The park is very well kept and is regularly maintained. It's extremely convenient to any downtown destination. There is regular police presence, but you do not feel threatened since the foot traffic is always heavy.

Mostly used as a meeting space, the park is also used by people to play games, and in the summer it is used for the outdoor silent movie series. You will mostly see people in their teens and up in groups. The whole space is used and some days it is hard to find a spot!

Many people use the park in groups. During the day the atmosphere of the place is quiet - with many people reading or playing board games. At night it is a social gathering place, with the silent movies series and other small performances in the amphitheater.

Contact Info:

City of Asheville, Parks and Recreation Department: (828) 259-5800

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