Ilsan Lake Park

Hosu-ro, Janghang-dong, Ilsan-gu
Goyang-si, Republic of Korea

Submitted by: Seungsik Kim

An urban park that has over 2 million visitors a year.

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Why It Works

Ilsan Lake Park is the biggest artificial lake park in the Orient, constructed on an area of 350,000 pyong (1,157,100 square meters). This beautiful lake park preserves a healthy ecosystem with clean water where plants, animals, and fish can be found. By regularly holding a Flower Exhibition, this Lake Park has become a favorite leisure and resort place not only for Goyang citizens, but also for the public at large in Korea.

What Makes Ilsan Lake Park a Great Place?

It is located in the new town (Ilsan) of Goyang City near the Jayu-ro road, which connects to Seoul. The subway station is within a mile from the park. A big Exhibition center, KINTEX ( is about a mile from the center of the park. An urban entertainment center and tourist attraction with a theme park is in the planning stages by GTO (Geonggi Tourism Organization) and will eventually open near the park.

The artificial lake, which covers about 300,000 sq meters, is the main attraction of the park and makes a very good first impression. Women, residents of all ages, and other visitors from Seoul and other parts of the Gyeonggi Province visit the park frequently.

Ilsan residents use the park regularly for a walk or activities such as exercize, inline-skating, and bicycling. Some are groups and some are families and colleagues from nearby office buildings. Every part of the park is used by the visitors. The modern open space area serves as a venue for open air events while the eco-park area is usually used by seniors and families with younger kids. The eastern part of the park, with its beautiful artificial cascades and wooden bridge, serves as a popular wedding photo backdrop.

Most of Ilsan residents visit the park alone and in groups. Almost all kinds of outdoor activities in the modern city take place at the park, drawing a very diverse crowd.

History & Background

It was planned and built in the early 1990's as a part of the Goyang City Plan by the Korea Land Corporation ( and the local government.

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