Al-darb-al Ahmar

Behind Al-azhar public garden
Cairo, Egypt

Submitted by: moshira el-rafey

A large open space used by the community for gathering, and sometimes for selling items.

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Why It Works

It is supposed to be an upgraded area especially after the Azhar Park was built. Behind the park people are so unfortunate and they really need some help to sustain their life.

What Makes Al-darb-al Ahmar a Great Place?

It is adjacent to the Azhar Park. People nearby are always there. At this stage it is not easy for people to circulate in it and find its features, however, it is accessible by foot, as well as by car. However, there are no sidewalks for pedestrians. It is in the middle of old historical Cairo.

Men are more seen in the street, because there is not much seating areas for women, and the vehicles do not dominate the place because it is adjacent to the park from the back side.

People regularly use the space and the range of activities is selling and buying items and the users vary in terms of age, gender.

They are very sociable and the local pride comes from the fact that they live in a historic area along with the new Azhar Park.

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