Columbia University Steps

116th Street and Broadway
New York, NY

Submitted by: John Valladares

The steps to Columbia's Low Library create a lively urban square.

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Why It Works

The steps to Columbia University's Low Library (not actually a library) are the heart of the university and in the spring when the weather is good becomes a great hangout. Hundreds of students are outside playing frisbee, eating lunch, etc. The steps face Butler Library and are surrounded by some great Mckim, Mead and White architecture.

What Makes Columbia University Steps a Great Place?

Walkable. Privately owned, but publicly accessible. Moms come with their infants to play in the grass in front of the steps.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a ballpark and first see the field...similar experience here. When you enter from Broadway you walk through a tree-lined street which opens up into a large open space.

Sunbathing, frisbee, eating, wireless internet.

Laid back, social, liberal.

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