Delray Beach

Delray Beach , FL

Submitted by: Kevin.Kevro Rouse

The best beach in Palm Beach County.

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Why It Works

Nice wide clean sandy beach connects to a cultural downtown all within walking distance. Delray Beach's history is rooted in the arts.

What Makes Delray Beach a Great Place?

A pedestrian friendly artsy village by the sea.

Clean wide beach with restroom, lounging & watersport amenities. Easy walking access to a vibrant downtown. Streetscaping includes brick lined walkways, nice lighting, green space and public art.

Locals and tourists regularly enjoy the sand and surf. Lifeguards are on duty. In Delray Beach, there is always something fun to do!

Delray Beach attracts the creative class in their young 40s. The people of Delray are happy and it shows, you can feel it. This is a place where the people are family oriented, outdoor driven, and civic minded. The city of Delray promotes inclusive activities and culture abounds.

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