Lake Ida Neighborhood, Delray Beach

West of Swinton, East of I95
Delray Beach , Fl

Submitted by: Kevin.Kevro Rouse

An ideal neighborhood to live in.

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Why It Works

The Lake Ida neighborhood is unique. It has both a country setting and city proximity. We are moments from the beach, moments from a fantastic downtown, and moments from the highway. The neighborhood is known for its natural beauty, its waterski lakes and its green parks. From our house we can count three parks within three streets. Each house has personality, no cookie cutter here. Each is different in style, scale and appearance. The people are some of the best. Neighbors wave to each other here. It's just plain nice.

We've coined a term for our Lake Idea neighborhood: Lake Ideal

What Makes Lake Ida Neighborhood, Delray Beach a Great Place?

Perfect location & unique features (described above)

A clean neighborhood with plenty of personality

The neighbors get together regularly. With a bunch of fun people and parks always available, there is always a place for social activities. There's even a community playhouse of 56 years in our neighborhood.

The people rock. The people are fun, social, and civically involved. Many are in their young 40s with families. Most will tell you they feel blessed to live here.

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