Roma Street Parklands

1 Parkland Blvd
Brisbane, Australia

Submitted by: Mary Carol Edwards

A large urban park with amazing horticultural displays with lots of activities.

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Why It Works

The large urban park is roughly bowl-shaped with the more programmed spaces at the bottom. It combines amazing horticultural displays and water features with every-day park functions, like barbecue grills, open lawns and playgrounds. The prominent circulation system includes aerial walkways, and verges on public art.

If I had the opportunity to visit more often, I would probably be able to be more objective. However, I only spent a few hours here with in-laws (including a chance encounter with a cousin on her lunch break) and was truly charmed.

What Makes Roma Street Parklands a Great Place?

It is within walking distance of the Central Business District, and is adjacent to the Roma Street train station, a major transit point.

The park is well maintained, particularly the plantings. The diversity of the spaces make it easy to find a comfortable place to settle. It is well attended but not overcrowded, and safety does not weigh on one's mind.

In the park, one can see couples walking with dogs, business people at the outdoor cafe, and tourists posing for photos with the tropical flora. Information kiosks present brochures on holding a wedding at Roma Street Parklands, schedules for gardening classes, etc.

A relaxed social atmosphere prevails. Families can be seen here and there as well as solitary students studying on the lawn. Tourists are attracted as well; the park is billed as the "world's largest urban subtropical garden" and there is a narrated 'train' tour through the heart of the park.

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