Blount Cultural Park

6055 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL

Submitted by: Charles Barnette

Some of our nations best cultural destinations can be found in this park set among lakes, trails and gardens.

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Why It Works

In this 300 acre park set among numerous lakes, trails, gardens, and pavilions, you will find some of our nation's best cultural destinations, including the Alabama Shakespeare and Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

There are endless activities available in the park: walking trails, amphitheaters, arts museum, theatres, gardens, lakes, meeting places, outdoor sculpture, setting for large scale events ranging from walking running, and skateboarding to theatre productions, concerts, dances, and cultural presentations such as Highland Games. Great for picnics, flying kites, or enjoying the afternoon.

What Makes Blount Cultural Park a Great Place?

Surrounded by hundreds of trees, one enters the 300 acres and encounters the English-inspired landscapes, lakes and buildings. Three miles of paved walking trails connect the hidden parking venues, gathering spots, easy walking access from adjoining neighborhoods.

There are many "Oh My God" vistas when one turns a curve and from the trees appear incredible buildings brilliantly lighted and set into the well maintained landscape.

Location for community and themed festivals, events and family activities. Open daily, it is always filled with people of all ages, genders and races. Except for a private estate, chapel, gardens, conservatory, etc. on the adjacent property, which is open only by appointment, the 300 acre park is open to all.

More than 300,000 people are registered for events and performances in the park annually. There is no count for daily visitors which numbers in the thousands. Numerous fundraising and civic events, such as walks for charity, are also not counted nor are the daily visitors who walk or run through the park's trails alone or in small groups.

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