Darmstadt, Germany

Submitted by: alcindo spinola

This square is the living centre of the city.

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Why It Works

This square is the living centre of the city. It is a pedestrian zone from where all main bus and tramway lines depart and where the new city hall is located.

The layout of Luisenplatz was completed as early as the 18th century. The Ludwigsäule (Ludwig´s Column) stands at its centre. It is shaped like a cross, plain and very alive with public usage, as we have a lot of people waiting for their transportation. The floor is pink stone, matching the surrounding important buildings.

What Makes Luisenplatz a Great Place?

It is accessible by all four sides, automobile traffic excluded, apart from circulation this is also a standing point for the public. There are realized many fairs and events. Very wide space visually and uninterrupted.

It is the city’s first impression, alive, young, and urban. The seating is scarce, though. There is no security present, but it is a safe square like the rest of the city. It is very well lit at night, and very well maintained by the City Hall. Vehicles do not dominate the space, only bus or tramway once in a while.

The centre of the square is more used for the bus waiting and the peripheral area of the square for the activities, like small markets, esplanades, street animation. Also the benches are concentrated in the corners of the square, under the trees, which exist only in this point.

Darmstadt is a small city, not many tourists, but a very urban and a metropolitan feel to it due to the multiracial presence. The usage is varied, all ages, both men and women, bicycle riders and dog-walkers. In this city is also located a column with the statue of the City Duque which is also a common meeting point.

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