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*Access and Linkages: Typical problems include: poorly located entrances - space is visually inaccessible - paths do not reflect the desired circulation routes - congested or fast-moving traffic impedes pedestrians - pedestrians forced to walk in street or unpaved areas - blank walls - vacant or underutilized buildings nearby - lack of human scale - insufficient parking

* Comfort and Image: Typical problems include: few or no places to sit - no one in charge - the space is unattractive or feels unsafe - litter and other signs of poor maintenance - "undesirables" or vehicles dominate the space - evidence of security problems (broken windows, graffiti, vandalism, etc.)

* Uses and Activities: Typical problems include: lack of users for all or part of the day - congestion or crowding because of size or design - lack of places to sit - a lack of gathering points - activities isolated from each other

* Sociability: Would you meet friends here? Do others do so? Are people in groups? Do they talk, or recognize one another? Are they smiling or making eye contact? Do ages and ethnicities reflect the larger community? Do people show this place off to relatives?


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