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I created the sculptures that grace PS 107. I would like to create more Public Art with community schools. My art services would be donated. Funding would be for classroom time and cost of materials. 0

9:16am Oct 19, 2012

Where? PS 32, corner of Union and Hoyt Street PS 39, corner of 6th Avenue and 7th street (they have been courting me to do an installation with them for the last 3 years).

Renovate and upgrade the school library for all the high schools at the JOHN JAY CAMPUS 0

6:49pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 7th Avenue and 5th Street

An educational Jewish Youth Library/Literacy Center for our children. Currently, the Jewish Youth Library is completely dilapidated and most of the reading material is outdated. 0

12:38pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? 60th street and 16th Ave

Community wireless with a focus on low income parts of the district and public spaces without access. 0

11:49am Oct 15, 2012

Where? TBD - targeting low income communities, public spaces, affordable/public housing

Improving the sidewalks on 5th Ave b 9th St & Prospect Ave. This strip of 5th Ave is the worst looking in all of Park Slope however it great potential and needs TLC. 0

9:36pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 5th Ave between 9th and Prospect Ave.

I would like to see a mural painted (or designed) by local public school children on the wall backing the public garden at Second Street and Smith Street across from the subway plaza. 0

2:09pm Oct 12, 2012

Where? Corner of 2nd Place and Smith Street.

I would like to see historic lamp posts replace those ugly, functional street lamps on Ocean Parkway. I would like to see some nice tree guards around the trees.Merrie 0

6:54pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Parkway and Caton Place going to the park

Put bookcases in all subway stops where anyone can drop off donated books and anyone who wants to take a book onto the subway to read can take one, both adult and children's books. 0

2:53pm Oct 07, 2012

Where? All subway stations near where people enter. It would have a positive impact on the entire district.

Repair/replace the tile work in the subway station for the F train at 7th Avenue and 9th Street. It appears to be water damaged. It would be great if the repair project could include public art. 0

6:25pm Oct 04, 2012

Where? 7th Avenue and 9th Street

Air Conditioning in Public Libraries during the summer. 0

1:34pm Oct 04, 2012

Where? B'klyn Business Public Library - Cadman Plaza

Improve the library at MS447 and open it up to th community as a literary and literacy center. 0

11:09pm Oct 03, 2012

Where? MS447, pacific and dean streets between 3rd and 4th avenues

a community co-working space for freelance artists, designers, writers, and others who usually work at home or in coffee shops. 2

7:13pm Oct 03, 2012

Where? Possibly in the newly reopened Park Slope Branch of the BPL, on 8th St & 6th Ave.

Develop Park Slope/Red Hook/Gowanus Revolutionary War Trail. 1

10:28am Oct 02, 2012

Where? Along 3rd avenue, the Gowanus & Court Street

Renovate the space on 5th Ave. where the Associate Market and Open Source Gallery burned down a few years ago as a community space. 14

12:34pm Oct 01, 2012

Where? 5th Avenue between 17th and 18th St.

to spruce up the Windsor Terrace Library exterior, by cleaning the sad, dirty brick-face and landscaping not just the flagpole circle, but the front entrance area. 0

2:50pm Sep 28, 2012

Where? Fort Hamilton Parkway and East 5th Street

Turn Mr. Farrell's vacated office on 10th & Windsor Place into community center and daycare. 0

9:07pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th & Windsor place

Create a permanent space for exhibiting sculpture and installation art in the park 0

10:55am Sep 25, 2012

Where? around the Old Stone House and wonderfully renovated 3rd Street playground.

Create a monument in Dome Park 0

1:40am Nov 03, 2011

Where? Dahill Road and 38 St., brooklyn