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Create a field of dreams for the kids of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School and the community, instead of a parking lot. Kids in school all day deserve some outdoor space. 0

5:55pm Oct 18, 2012

Where? 3002 Fort Hamilton Parkway, 11218



Green Infrastructure improvements. Now, all down spouts go direct to street surface. Playground /park lot is all tarmac. To assess: water harvesting, permeable pavement, bioswales/rain gardens. 0

2:53pm Oct 16, 2012

Where? St. Thomas Aquinas School Corner of 8th St. & 4th Avenue

Build an Outdoor Classroom for PS32. Help this Title One School enhance the learning experience of these children while preventing rainwater runoff into the Gowanus Canal. 0

1:02pm Oct 16, 2012

Where? Big Yard of PS32 between Union and President and Hoyt and Bond

Construct a greenhouse at Washington Park. We have a "trellis house" and would like a similar structure that is enclosed. 0

11:50am Oct 16, 2012

Where? In the north Dutch Garden by the playing field and 3rd St.

To renovate and transform a tired caged-in parking lot into a useable green athletic space for students at Brooklyn Prospect, a grades 6-12 school. 0

10:40pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Caton Avenue between 2nd and 3rd streets.

Replace styrofoam lunch trays at PS 154 with reusable, washable, compartmented lunch trays (Carlisle trays cost $3.00 each) and the necessary washing equipment (Insinger Tray washer is $27,000) 0

8:57pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? P.S. 154 Eleventh Ave between Windsor Place and Sherman St.

Build a nonprofit early childhood education center with a focus on global awareness and sustainability. 0

7:42pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? corner of Windsor Place and Prospect Park West in the nearly vacant building owned by Holy Name Church

Improve drainage on Third Street Bridge. During rain storms (and for days after) large puddles form by the sidewalks. 0

6:53pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Third Street Bridge, SE Side

Repair sewer lines for the streets around PS-IS 437K, under construction, before it opens. 0

5:06pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Kermit Place between East 7 and East 8 Streets



to coat as many roofs as possible in District 39 with a highly reflective heat reducing coating. This would not only save energy costs but also reduce the "Urban Heat Island Effect". 0

12:07pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Districtwide

Use green building techniques to mitigate rainwater on 9th Street near Gowanus 0

2:09pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 9th Street between Gowanus Canal and 2nd Avenue.

Creation of a comprehensive plan for development on the Gowanus Canal, including an environmental impact statement regarding the effects of development. 0

1:24pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? All of Gowanus

To erect a buffering wall or evergreen screen the length of Exit #5 Exit on the Prospect Expway along E. 5th St. to buffer the homes, park and church on Vanderbilt St and E. 5th from the Expressway. 0

1:16pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? Exit #5 on the Prospect Expressway along E. 5th Street between Vanderbilt Street and Greenwood Avenue.

Use roof spaces at the 610 Henry Street Campus for Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS) and Brooklyn New School (BNS) for a green roof eco-classroom (upper roof) and a gym (lower roof). 1

12:03pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? BCS and BNS (MS 142 building) 610 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Green garden roof on the John Jay Campus roof. 0

1:10pm Oct 12, 2012

Where? 7th Avenue between 4/5 streets - John Jay Campus

Install a rooftop garden at MS 51. 0

11:29am Oct 12, 2012

Where? 350 5th Ave. rooftop

Remove the metal recycle dump; clear up the intersection; provide footbridge and bikepath across to extend the Brooklyn waterfront developments to Gowanus and to the upcoming Smith&9th subway 0

6:02pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of Smith and Garnet Street, 9th street, and extending to the Red Hook waterfront

Solar compacting trash cans on 7th Avenue in Park Slope 0

5:53pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? From Flatbush and 7th Avenue on down to South Slope- every few blocks to provide larger, back-up receptacles where current cans are maxed out

Industrial shredder(shredder house) 0

5:51pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Gowanus Canal... Salt Lot