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Renovate all bathrooms. The children cant even get the toilet paper rolls because they're the old fashined ones. Their Playground can use renovations as well. Tables and benches are falling apart. 0

11:30pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? PS 38 (The Pacific School) Pacific St. between 3rd ave and Nevins

Use green building techniques to mitigate rainwater on 9th Street near Gowanus 0

2:09pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 9th Street between Gowanus Canal and 2nd Avenue.

More storm drains for areas where water remains pooled for up to 4 days after a rain storm. 0

6:01pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? Corner of 16th St. + PPSW for one. There are others.

Use roof spaces at the 610 Henry Street Campus for Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS) and Brooklyn New School (BNS) for a green roof eco-classroom (upper roof) and a gym (lower roof). 1

12:03pm Oct 13, 2012

Where? BCS and BNS (MS 142 building) 610 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Install a rooftop garden at MS 51. 0

11:29am Oct 12, 2012

Where? 350 5th Ave. rooftop

Move ALL signs away from trees/bushes or cut them back. Light up or speed pumps at STOP signs.Longer greenlights for pedestrians.No personal garbage in city cans!Close sidewalk fruit & veg stands. 0

9:57pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Pkwy & Ditmas Ave -- Gowanis @ 4th Ave (I think) -- 18th Ave bet Ocean Pkwy & McDonald Ave -- Ditmas Ave & E. 5th St & McDonald Ave

Provide seed money for a Windsor Terrace grocery store, green grocer, or food co-op. 0

7:53pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Anywhere in Windsor Terrace

Remove the metal recycle dump; clear up the intersection; provide footbridge and bikepath across to extend the Brooklyn waterfront developments to Gowanus and to the upcoming Smith&9th subway 0

6:02pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of Smith and Garnet Street, 9th street, and extending to the Red Hook waterfront

Put up a sign for "No Honking or fine for $350" 0

6:00pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of 12th Avenue and Dahill Road

Air Conditioning in Public Libraries during the summer. 0

1:34pm Oct 04, 2012

Where? B'klyn Business Public Library - Cadman Plaza

to change the way of cleaning the streets. The street sweepers are not efficient and spread the dirt on the sidewalks and pedestrians. 0

11:48am Oct 02, 2012

Where? all NY

Get rid of and prevent pigeons from roosting in the overpass to the subway entrance on south side of F & G at Ft Hamilton. The are unsanitary, smell and make a mess. 0

2:47pm Oct 01, 2012

Where? Entrance to F & G at Ft Hamilton Pkway

Handicapped access to the subway at 7th Ave. and 9th Street. An escalator or elevator would do. 1

4:52pm Sep 28, 2012

Where? Corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street- the F train stop.

Improve stretch of sidewalk that runs along 10th st(sidewalk beautification and removal of garbage and debris, dog waste). It's a health hazard for residents on this block. 0

8:40pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th st bwn 2nd and 3rd ave

Handicapped access to the F train at 7th Ave. and 9th Street.An escalator or elevator would do it. 0

5:41pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Corner of 9th Street and 7th Avenue.

bring more businesses to Kensington shopping at Church Ave -- a Tal Bagel, Western meat market, hardware store, Trader Joe's, Key Food, etc., helping to renovate to suit tenant. 1

7:29pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Church Ave between 8th St and McDonald Ave.

Provide garbage recepticals, not plastic bags, for containing food debris outside the public schools so that garbage is not strewn throughout our streets which provide meals for vermin everyday. 0

1:21pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Corner of East 5th street and Fort Hamilton Parkway (outside of P.S. 130)

Need more trees (and less traffic) on Bond Street. Area between Smith Street and Park Slope is a concrete wasteland. Lack of trees seems to encourage speeding on Bond Street 0

11:15am Sep 25, 2012

Where? Everywhere in Brooklyn, but especially around Bond Street

to rid carroll park of the war memorial and create a dynamic play area for children in its place. 1

11:00am Sep 25, 2012

Where? smack dab in the middle of carroll park, off carroll and smith street.