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Please put up a traffic light at 58th street corner 16th ave. 0

1:19pm Oct 14, 2012

Where? 58th street, 16th ave

I would definitely put security cameras in our public schools the neighborhoods are to nice not to let your children be abled to play in our schoolyards with cameras maybe people would think twice. 0

11:34am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Ps 29 Henry st between Baltic and Kane

Provide traffic calming measures on Caton Avenue between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue. There are a couple of road curves here and the cars and trucks travel at very high speeds. 0

8:51am Oct 12, 2012

Where? Caton Avenue, between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue

Move ALL signs away from trees/bushes or cut them back. Light up or speed pumps at STOP signs.Longer greenlights for pedestrians.No personal garbage in city cans!Close sidewalk fruit & veg stands. 0

9:57pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Pkwy & Ditmas Ave -- Gowanis @ 4th Ave (I think) -- 18th Ave bet Ocean Pkwy & McDonald Ave -- Ditmas Ave & E. 5th St & McDonald Ave

More streetlights on 14th Street, BTW PPW and 8th Ave. 0

5:52pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? 14th Street, BTW PPW and 8th Ave

Install a traffic light for the left turn from FT Hamilton on to 44th street 0

4:58pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Corner of FT Hamilton and 44th Street

paying for improvements to empty storefronts on Church Avenue-making capital expenditures to improve spaces to allow small business owners to explore new ventures in an emerging part of Kensington 0

11:08am Oct 09, 2012

Where? Church Avenue from Ocean Parkway to McDonald Avenue--several businesses have recently closed and there are many vacant and available properties for rent

Improve street lighting. 0

9:05am Oct 09, 2012

Where? on 15th street between 7th and 8th Avenue.

A speed bump on 12th Avenue, just before the stoplight at Dahill Road, in Kensington. This is a school zone (PS 230). Yet drivers and bicyclists often speed down 12th Ave to turn onto Dahill. 0

10:17pm Sep 29, 2012

Where? On 12th Avenue, just before the stoplight at Dahill Road.

Opening up the walkway that runs underground from Albemarle to Church Avenue at the Church Ave F and G subway station in Kensington. Shouldn't be expensive, the gating there just needs to be moved. 0

10:58pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? F and G Church Avenue subway station entrance at McDonald Avenue and Albemarle Road.

1. safety barricades at crossing of CIA and Cortelyou Rd.2. senior park for seniors to sit around and enjoy life 0

8:37pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? 2. There's a lot on Cortelyou and E. 9th

More street lights along union street through Gowanus 0

4:13pm Sep 24, 2012

Where? Union Street, from 4th Avenue to Hoyt St