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Replace styrofoam lunch trays at PS 154 with reusable, washable, compartmented lunch trays (Carlisle trays cost $3.00 each) and the necessary washing equipment (Insinger Tray washer is $27,000) 0

8:57pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? P.S. 154 Eleventh Ave between Windsor Place and Sherman St.

Repair sewer lines for the streets around PS-IS 437K, under construction, before it opens. 0

5:06pm Oct 15, 2012

Where? Kermit Place between East 7 and East 8 Streets

Move ALL signs away from trees/bushes or cut them back. Light up or speed pumps at STOP signs.Longer greenlights for pedestrians.No personal garbage in city cans!Close sidewalk fruit & veg stands. 0

9:57pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Ocean Pkwy & Ditmas Ave -- Gowanis @ 4th Ave (I think) -- 18th Ave bet Ocean Pkwy & McDonald Ave -- Ditmas Ave & E. 5th St & McDonald Ave



Fund the "Trash Mob" trying to clean up the triangle in front of Walgreens at Church & EXTEND this to the rest of Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy. This stretch is basically an open dumpster. 0

9:06pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Church Ave btw McDonald & Ocean Pkwy



A campaign to teach people about proper recycling and garbage disposal. Boro Park has become very filthy in terms of sanitation. Walk around and observe the trash on 13th and 16th Avenues. 0

6:49pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? Private homes on the side streets of 38th Street bet. Dahill Rd and 13th Ave.

Solar compacting trash cans on 7th Avenue in Park Slope 0

5:53pm Oct 11, 2012

Where? From Flatbush and 7th Avenue on down to South Slope- every few blocks to provide larger, back-up receptacles where current cans are maxed out

to change the way of cleaning the streets. The street sweepers are not efficient and spread the dirt on the sidewalks and pedestrians. 0

11:48am Oct 02, 2012

Where? all NY

Get rid of and prevent pigeons from roosting in the overpass to the subway entrance on south side of F & G at Ft Hamilton. The are unsanitary, smell and make a mess. 0

2:47pm Oct 01, 2012

Where? Entrance to F & G at Ft Hamilton Pkway

Improve stretch of sidewalk that runs along 10th st(sidewalk beautification and removal of garbage and debris, dog waste). It's a health hazard for residents on this block. 0

8:40pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th st bwn 2nd and 3rd ave

Beautify and landscape the strip of "grass" that runs along 10th st b/w 2nd and 3rd ave. Remove garbage and debris that is currently being dumped here, possibly install garbage bins 0

8:20pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? 10th st between 2nd and 3rd ave



Better Sanitation on 7th Avenue in Park Slope by rehiring the John Doe Foundation blue-uniformed workers who swept and bundled the trash. The entire street is an eyesore. and is filthy. 0

6:26pm Sep 27, 2012

Where? Reinstate the John Doe Foundation for street cleaning on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Remove the empty newspaper kiosks on 7th Avenue.



to get more garbage cans in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood, especially on blocks closest to and in front of the park. The garbage is always full and overflowing. 0

10:56am Sep 27, 2012

Where? 15th Street and PPW to the Traffic Circle



Add solar trash compactors to garbage strewn sidewalks of Church Avenue in Kensington 0

4:30pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Between Coney Island Avenue and MacDonald Ave.

Provide garbage recepticals, not plastic bags, for containing food debris outside the public schools so that garbage is not strewn throughout our streets which provide meals for vermin everyday. 0

1:21pm Sep 25, 2012

Where? Corner of East 5th street and Fort Hamilton Parkway (outside of P.S. 130)