15:58 Sep 24 2012

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4th Avenue

My project idea is...

Planters, trees, and other beautification along 4th Avenue

So that people could... 

have a more pleasant experience walking along the busy street.


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Build an elevator at the 9th St and 4th Avenue subway stop.

8:54pm Oct 11, 2012

Corner of 9th St and 4th Ave, 0.04 Kms

Place 30 minute parking spots on blocks with lots of commercial activity. Spots could be monitored by kiosks with cameras that photo license plates and mail tickets to those who use the space longer

3:56pm Oct 04, 2012

Mostly commercial streets like 5th avenue between Prospect Ave and Flatbush but I think just about any block in the neighborhood could benefit from this., 0.12 Kms

Expand 'R' train southbound exit stairways.

11:02am Sep 28, 2012

Northwest Corner, 9th St & 4th Ave, 0.12 Kms