16:21 Sep 24 2012

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Coney Island Avenue & Cortelyou Road, by JS 62

My project idea is...

Traffic islands on wide streets

So that people could... 

have a safer spot to wait, if they cannot make it across the street before the light changes.


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Move ALL signs away from trees/bushes or cut them back. Light up or speed pumps at STOP signs.Longer greenlights for pedestrians.No personal garbage in city cans!Close sidewalk fruit & veg stands.

9:21pm Oct 11, 2012

Ocean Pkwy & Ditmas Ave -- Gowanis @ 4th Ave (I think) -- 18th Ave bet Ocean Pkwy & McDonald Ave -- Ditmas Ave & E. 5th St & McDonald Ave, 0.39 Kms

Air conditioning (and rewiring) for the upper floors at PS 134

9:02am Sep 25, 2012

4001 18th Ave., 0.51 Kms

Money for campaign to "remind" store owners who are not in compliance with ADA that they must do so or be fined.

7:03pm Sep 25, 2012

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