11:00 Sep 25 2012

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smack dab in the middle of carroll park, off carroll and smith street.

My project idea is...

to rid carroll park of the war memorial and create a dynamic play area for children in its place.

So that people could... 

gather in a public social space and children would have more space to play. the existing 2 playgrounds get jammed with kids, and the local kid population is growing. rather than the current memorial, how about an enlarged and more useful play area- still call it your war memorial if you like but give kids more space to play and learn to get along with each other!


Cynthia (Sep 25 2012)
Sure let's get rid of that nuisance war memorial! Who are those dead World War One soldiers anyway, some kind of heroes? And who were the local Brooklynites who raised the money to commission the work from a Brooklyn-born sculptor and donate the monument to the City -- some kind of civic-minded do-gooders? I mean C'MON, there are only two playgrounds for local kids, and they need more space to get to know each other without some historical relic in the way!
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