18:40 Sep 27 2012

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Near the north meadow/Grand Army Plaze especially, but all over the park would be nice.

My project idea is...

More public bathrooms (even port-a-potties) in Prospect Park.

So that people could... 

So that bathrooms would not be so disgusting due to too few toilets and too many people.


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create several dog mini parks inside of prospect park

7:50pm Oct 11, 2012

one on each side of the park, 0.18 Kms

Signs informing/ reminding cyclists of law AGAINST riding on the sidewalk and responsibility to obey traffic laws.

10:38am Oct 09, 2012

GAP to 14 th on PPW -cyclists still ride on sidewalk - Seventh Ave and all side streets from fFlatbush to 8th to PPW., 0.22 Kms

Please dismantle the bike lane system...

5:37pm Oct 11, 2012

Along Prospect Park leading to the arch, which used to be majestic but is now more like a confused construction site., 0.36 Kms

MARKED PARKING SPACES on residential streets.

9:56am Sep 25, 2012

PARK SLOPE and surrounding neighborhoods, 0.44 Kms