21:12 Sep 27 2012

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4th/5th Avenues and 3rd/4th Streets

My project idea is...

Fix the dangerous elements of the new playground at JJ Byrne Park. For example, smooth out the sharp, jagged, slippery rocks near the fountain and remove the ugly chipping paint from the toy animals.

So that people could... 

Safety comes first, and these poor design elements place our neighborhood's children at risk. This effort was supposed to improve the neighborhood bordering Gowanus and Park Slope, and it already looks worn and shabby.


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10:00am Sep 25, 2012

around the Old Stone House and wonderfully renovated 3rd Street playground., 0.02 Kms

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10:37am Oct 12, 2012

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11:06am Oct 16, 2012

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3:18pm Sep 25, 2012

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