11:15 Oct 1 2012

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Bay & Clinton

My project idea is...

Red Hook Pool improvements, - pool closes frequently due to unsanitary conditions - need better filtration, plus extending a ridiculously short season - should be tied to summer temps NOT school sched

So that people could... 

I have many petition signatures!!!


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Industrial shredder(shredder house)

4:56pm Oct 11, 2012

Gowanus Canal... Salt Lot, 0.33 Kms

My project idea is to really start developing on the site called "Public Place", a brownfeild in Carroll Gardens/Gowanus.

5:41pm Oct 02, 2012

the site is at Smith street, 5th street, and 9th street, 0.47 Kms

Use green building techniques to mitigate rainwater on 9th Street near Gowanus

1:13pm Oct 14, 2012

9th Street between Gowanus Canal and 2nd Avenue., 0.48 Kms

Synthetic grass field in Carroll Gardens where there is no "green" park space.

5:05pm Oct 11, 2012

Possible location of St. Mary's Playground on Smith Street between Luquer and Huntington., 0.49 Kms